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Eric Ripert Reveals His Five Embarrassing Moments as a Young Chef

The title says it all. My favorite; "At Jamin (under Joël Robuchon) I made believe the sauce he was asking for was coming because I didn’t know how to make it! So I whisked an empty pan and I got caught."


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  1. Chefs! They're just like us. I like that he complained that it was too hot by the stove.

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      It was his first day as well. I'm sure his bosses thought, "Who is this whiner and why does he think he can be a Chef?".

      1. re: bookhound

        It's like getting a job in a nightclub and complaining that it's too loud.

    2. HAHAHAHAAHA! The whisking the empty pan is my favorite one!

      1. hilarious! Thanks for the link. ;)

        1. Glad I didn't eat those clams he let open "naturally".

          1. "I did not listen and decided to use a pressure washer to go faster. [I] ended up electrocuting the chef when he turned it on."

            I hope he meant the chef was got an electric shock rather than electrocuted.

            1. Good lord. My heart just flipped opening that link. WHAT a picture! Oh wait - there's an article too? ;-)

              I laughed out loud at both the whisking the empty pan and (ouch!) zapping the chef on the broiler after power-washing it. :-)

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                Linda, I was wondering where you were? He has the most amazing eyes.

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                  The combination of beautiful eyes and heart-shaped lips just slay me. Lawsy-mercy!

                2. re: LindaWhit

                  that man is gorgeous!

                  what a great article!