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Jun 24, 2010 08:56 AM

Bistro on the Brandywine...?

Has anyone been lately? What's it like? I live so close, and I've never been, probably because it's somehow not on my neighborhood radar. Is it worth a visit?

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  1. I haven't been there in about 6 months. It is maddeningly inconsistent, especially the coq au vin (which I wouldn't order this time of year anyway; to me that's a winter dish). There are plenty of other restaurants that do better on a more consistent basis IMHO.

    1. Funny that Rondo sas it's inconsistent, I've only been twice but would have to agree. The first time all of our dishes were excellent, the Cassoulet and Duck cooked perfectly, another friend had gotten these squash crepes(something like that) that I would've never probably ordered, but they were heaven.....when I went back, i got them and they were nothing like the first time. It's a shame, because our first meal was stellar! Could beworth a try to hope you hit it on a good day!

      1. Blue Pear (as part of the Dilworthtown) is always a good Bistro.

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          True. But I was asking specifically about Bistro on the Brandywine.

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            I do know that the Bistro just got a new chef recently and is revamping the menu a bit by adding things like brick oven roasted suckling pig and braised veal short ribs. I just wish I knew what days they have this stuff!

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              sign up for their email updates....often send specials for the week and coupons....looking forward to trying out the place with new chef!

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                I did go there shortly after I posted my query, and enjoyed it quite a bit, even though I had only a light meal -- a salad and a "custom-made" pizza (I selected my own toppings from a really nice list of choices).

                I do need to get clarification on something, though. It seems that there was another menu being offered to patrons in the "pub" part of the restaurant. I don't know if that was instead of or in addition to the menu offered to those in the larger room, or if it was a menu that's available earlier in the evening. Service was very slow that night, but as we waited for our food to arrive, our server brought us a really nice wild mushroom tart to appease our appetites. I'll definitely go back.