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Jun 24, 2010 08:33 AM

Burlington Vt--Trattoria D'elia or L'Amonte

These places both always get very good reviews. I plan to eat at both, but what are the differences?

Not so much which one is better, but atmosphere, different styles of Italian, etc? Are they comparably priced?

Thanks so much.

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  1. Prices are about the same IIRC. They're very different styles. Trattoria D'elia is dark, romantic, a bit rustic, devoted to classic food from Italy (not Italian-American). L'Amante is more modern in atmosphere and cuisine. Both have great food and good service.

    1. I liked the service at Trattoria Delia better than at L'Amonte, but it's been a long time since I've been to either (they were both anniversary dinners on different years).

      MightyFrog's impression is spot on with my memory other than the service thing. I just felt way more welcomed and warm at Trattoria Delia.

      Trattoria Delia
      152 St Paul St, Burlington, VT 05401

      1. Thanks for the info. I look forward to trying them both.

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          Have not been to the Tratt yet, but went to L'Amante last evening. Wonderful food and great service.
          After Placing our orders they brought the bread along with two small containers, one of which was hummus and the other, chicken liver pate . We split two appetizers, a Flatbread and a Rissotto. Both were terrific. Hubby had the duck and I had the Bass. Their entree items are ala carte. With Hubby's duck he got cousous and brocolli rabe. My bass was encrusted with potato and kale under it and it sat in a citrus berre blanc sauce.Obviously, no room was left for dessert. Both were amazing!

        2. I did got to L'Amante, finally. It was a business dinner, so I was not with my wife, but I enjoyed it.

          They started out with a good bread with hummus and some chicken liver pate. Bread was fine, hummus was fine, I don't eat liver pate, so can't comment. My dinner guest wanted butter and they did give it to him but he thought it was odd that they didn't bring it out with the bread.

          I had the salumi plate for an appetizer. ($14) It was very very good. Soppresata, proscuitto, copa and air dried beef (braciole?) with toasted bread and fig jam. Wonderful!

          I could not say the same about my duck, unfortunately ($27). The breast portion was tasty, but the skin was flabby and greasy. The leg was very nice and crisp, but unfortunately, a little overdone. I did not have dessert.

          I didn't really like the decor, but there was nothing wrong with it. Service was very good and I would try it again. Overall, though, a bit of a disappointment with the entree..