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Jun 24, 2010 08:32 AM

San Diego Beer Hound going to Curacao

Not sure I can get any feedback on this topic but it's worth a shot. I'll also post this on the Chowhound Beer forums.

My brother and I are visiting Curacao with our families in a couple weeks. We're both big beer lovers or should I say, lovers of big beer. We live in Portland and San Diego and like American craft beers of the style from these areas as well as Belgian, Bavarian, etc beers and similar styles. Not really interested in the lighter styles of beer.

Where, if anywhere, on Curacao can we find this type of beer? We're staying on the west side but have a car and willing to travel the entire island.

Many thanks!

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  1. Steve,

    Good luck. Spent a few days on the ABC's last year and the only beers I could find were: Bud, Heineken and the local brew Balashi (actually from Aruba) which is a very good European style Pilsner. But these are small beers, and nothing like our double (triple) over hopped West Coast Style IPAs or creative Lost Abby brews. Probably has to do with the weather and the fact that beers there tend to be light, crisp and served in incredibly small bottles (so they stay cold until the end).

    So place a few bottles of Racer 5 or Stone Vertical in your luggage and drink when you arrive. However, if you do find any, let me know. Heading back to A and B in a few months but willing to row to C for good pint or three...

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      in Bonaire there are a few places to get amazing Belgian I suspect an island with many more people will yield better options. Is the Amstel Brewery still doing tours? See if Hard Rock Cafe Society is open. Polar is very popular in the ABC islands as well. Email me at and I will ask around. The place in Bonaire that has Belgian beer is Lover's Ice Cream. I had some kind of beer in a white bottle with an elephant..haa..

      1. re: phelana

        Belgian Tropical Beers
        Sera Loraweg 16

        Most grocers carry Belgian beer

          1. re: steveprez

            Off Trip Advisor:

            Lanhuis Daniel on the road to Westpunt just past Willibrordus.Try Dutch pancakes and Belgium beer. Great 5 course dinner with good choice of wines. Dinning is outdoors on the covered patio & can be expensive. Do make reservations. 864-8400.

            1. re: phelana

              Thanks! Daniel's is just down the street from where we're staying. Had originally planned to get there but I don't think we will. The heat and the slow pace of life here has reduced my ambition for this vacation. ;)

    2. I'm in Curacao now. Happy to report that the Albert Heijn supermarket in the Zeelandia section of Willemstad has a great selection of Belgian beers. Probably about 20-25 different brands/types. Doubels, trippels, trappists, etc. Enough to keep me "busy" for a week.

      They also have a number of Dutch and local brands. Their website has a map.