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Jun 24, 2010 08:23 AM

Jersey Shore restaurants

I was thinking about hitting the shore with the kids this 4th of July weekend. As I understand it Deal is the only place with kosher restaurants so I was thinking we need to stay in that area although I cannot afford to rent one of those mansions or stay at the fancy hotel in long branch. So we will try to find a decent motel with a mini kitchen and drag our kosher food down there, but i'm not really finding anything except in gross Asbury Park. Does anyone know if there are kosher restaurants outside of deal in the jersey shore where their might be better hotels?

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  1. Max and David's outside of Philadelphia will be delivering Shabbat take-out to the Jersey shore. I don't know where exactly they will be making deliveries, but I would assume the Ventnor/Margate area. You can call them to find out details.

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      Ventnor has a pizza place and an Israeli grill place.

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        Check out the Eatontown Sheraton, and there is another hotel right next door that I think has kitchenettes. The Sheraton will give you a fridge. When we went, we got there Friday brought a sushi platter with us for dinner and had cold food on Shabbat. There is a Spehardic shul about a 15/20 minute walk, and all the deal restaurants are about a 15 minute drive. The hotel also has a free shuttle to long branch beach, so you dont have to worry about parking.