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Jun 24, 2010 07:38 AM

Differences in Fage Yogurt

Has anyone noticed any difference in Fage Yogurt...bought in a different store of different container...

For the longest time, I have purchased the16oz ones at Trader Joes.
Recently picked up a 32 at the local supermarket. The 32oz has a bit more *tang* as well as considerbly thicker than every purchase of Fage I have ever bought from TJ's. Thicker to a point that when I opened up the 32oz and scooped some out, and I was like....damm, that's Greek Yogurt

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  1. I have not noticed this phenomenon myself, but, I believe there is no difference between so-called "Greek" yogurt and regular yogurt that you strain overnight in a cheesecloth-lined mesh sieve. I could be wrong, I haven't tested the theory, but, I have been straining my own lowfat and fat-free yogurt for years to make super-thick, yummy yogurt with excellent results, and it's consistent in quality, and way cheaper than Fage. The more you drain it, the thicker it gets.