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Jun 24, 2010 07:28 AM

Moderne Barn Rest. in Armonk?

Now that Moderne Barn is open, anyone been there? I was told by someone who took a tour before opening it has booths and chandeliers. Seems strange to me to be upscale in that location, with that name and still have booths. I'm curious as to what kind of food they serve and what is the price point? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Haven't been there yet, but you can see the menu online...

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    1. re: winoandthedino

      based on website it appears to be casual-chic. menus seems a bit tame but I will certainly try it out based on how much I like the other Livano's restos.

      1. re: winoandthedino

        Thanks for the website - looks casual - moderately priced. I'll have to go check it out! I like how the picture makes it seem like it sits way back off the road on a grassy knoll ;-)
        Pretty sure it's on the corner of 2 roads surrounded with just parking lot.

        1. re: bakingpw

          I was there wednesday night .My impression was positive.Very nice space
          attentive service food a little hit or miss but its just been open two days.I think people will welcome this place in armonk.

          p.s a very mixed crowd singles familes and couples

      2. Menu seems like an upscale diner

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. SKIP MODERNE BARN!
            The matzoh ball soup had either whole grains or cinnamon in it to give it an ugly brown color, either way it was lead bottom. Two rocks. The Shrimp Chopped Salad was fair, ugly lettuce, bland sherry dressing, the pistchios were the only good thing plus ample shrimp. The flank steak was tough. Polenta tasted like cream of wheat. Procuitto Pizza was dry as a bone. House salad horrible. It was a big waste of money and for that menu and price I'd go to Tarry Lodge or Centro in Greenwich. City Limits has much better food and value. The place is spectacular but after 6 months it will only get the locals that dont want to drive to eat. Service was a bit slow. Hosts were all very very gracious and attentive but the food stunk. Will never go back. Men, dont let your wives drag you there, seriously, its a waste of time and money and you'll probably leave hungry. The desert was also average and was the coffee.

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            1. re: Rexford

              These people own diners. Good diners, but diners. Why expect an upsale dinner?

              1. re: wincountrygirl

                What? Oceana and Molyvos are hardly diners!

                1. re: Marge

                  for fear of getting deleted again I will make this short & simple. I could not agree with you more Marge and even city limits is only a "diner" stylistically. I don't know to many typical diners that employ an amzing pastry chef and that sell local produce at their counters!

              2. re: Rexford

                Wow. Well there is someone with an opinion! Still have to check it out for myself.

                1. re: Sarcletti

                  Let us know SARCLETTI what you think.

                2. re: Rexford

                  True the place is spectacular in design. The woodwork is most amazing. The family is most gracious going table to table. My parents were with us and they did return to give it a second try a week later but were again disappointed with the food only. As a matter of fact they left there and went to the diner for dessert. Dad also hated the matzoh ball soup. As dad says you can't eat the service. But the service was terrific on both occasions. I had the beet salad with strawberries that was very good but some of our orders were a miss. We hope that time will help the kitchen to be as lovely as the decor. We will try it again in a month or so to see if the food has gotten better.
                  Rexford-funny accident that the dessert you had was spelled desert as it was very dry!

                3. Loved it! Beautiful and found food to be very good - especially for first week of restaurant opening! Can't speak for matzoh ball soup - wouldn't order that out for dinner anyway! - Save that for Grandama's house! Atmosphere was spectacular - great job Livano's family!!! Great fun place for group of 4 plus.

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                  1. re: beth1234

                    food stinks
                    Had the peppercructed tuna which i was expecting pepper on the crust.
                    maybe a dash of fine pepeer was on it

                    1. re: scarsdale1234

                      It hardly stinks. Dinner there 2x. Grilled octopus is perfect. Pastas were delicious. Beet salad was dressed in sherry vinegar. Service is professional and they will accomodate a wait between courses if you ask. Definitely try it and make your own decision.

                    2. re: beth1234

                      Why did they put it on the menu then if its lousy? Believe me, City Limits is good food at great prices and value. But Moderne Barn does not ahve good food. I even like their NYC places a lot, just not MB - must be the Chef then at MB, right?

                      City Limits
                      1557 W State St, Olean, NY 14760