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Jun 24, 2010 07:25 AM

Meatopia 2010- Who is going, who has gone in the past


July 11. I am going to this on the whole hog package, wanted to know who went in the past and what to expect, thanks.

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  1. theres are 30 per cent off coupon on blackboardeats

    1. lol i recived the email as well. Which is why i am going to it now haha. literally bought tickets 30 minutes ago

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        Did you get the dicount code to work? Mine doesn't

        1. re: kelea

          i sent a friend to go purchase out tickets and he had the same problem too, however, according to BBE they sent an email out and corrected it. I will probably purchase my tickets sometime tonight

      2. I find the fact that the "whole hog" package is not actually unlimited to be a bit of a let down. For $150 - or even $105 through BBE - I'd expect more than 12 "tastes" that are only 2 to 3 oz. each. Especially with 30+ vendors there - you don't even get to try half of what's available! After I did the math, I was kind of like... meh, I don't think so. Just didn't seem worth it.

        1. The original comment has been removed