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Jun 24, 2010 06:35 AM

BAD NEWS - Mariscos Puerta Esperanza appears to be done!!

Went to MPE with my Dad last night and they were closed. I looked in the windows and all the tables and booths were gone. No signs or announcements of any kind on the windows. Lots of accumulated mail on the floor.

Looked to me like they are out of business. I could be wrong and hope I am.

I was just there 2 weeks ago and had a great meal with my wife and was returning to have the same 2 dishes with my Dad (red snapper covered in onions, bell peppers, and a tomato based sauce & shrimp in a fantastic mustard sauce).

I am not suprised, however, given that the only time I saw this place crowded was the weekend right after the OC Register profiled the restaurant.

The food was always top notch and a great bargain.

I know the restaurant business is tough - I wish MPE could have made it.

R.I.P. and thanks for the great meals.


1600 E Holt Ave, Pomona, CA 91767

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  1. The food was very good there. But when we were there, we were the only customers. To be honest, I'm surprised they made it this long.

    I have to say, they did have a terrible location. Really impossible to see from the street. You would think in that area (Villa Park) a good mexican seafood place would do well.

    1. Their Telephone # is now disconnected and their Website is gone. :(


      1. Wow that blows. I'm going to hold out hope that they can re-open in a new location with better foot-traffic. Their pescado zarandeado was awesome; anywhere to go in OC to get something like that now? (looking for a quick fix, not a trip up to Mariscos Chente)

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          Mariscos Licenciado #2 on La Palma and State College would be my backup.

          I'm gutted.

          Mariscos Licenciado
          1052 N State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806

        2. Not unexpected but, sad indeed. I must say that I feel guilty about it for not going more often.