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Jun 24, 2010 01:48 AM

Wedding Reception Venue Help

Hi All

I am looking for some help choosing a wedding reception venue please.

We are getting married in Central Park (Belvedere Castle) in late May next year (wed) and had originally planned to have our reception dinner at cafe d'es artistes, which has unfortunately closed.

We now need to choose a replacement and the guidelines are as follows:

Proximity to central park is important (short taxi ride ok)
Budget is around $150-180 per head incl drinks/tip/tax for 2 courses
Atmosphere i am looking for is somewhere between boisterous and stuffy
At this stage we are budgeting for between 12-15 people and we'd like to be on one table
I'm not sure how i feel about a private room as I fear I might feel a bit isolated? Any experiences appreciated.

We have some friends arriving in NYC on friday and they will be doing some restaurant reviewing for us over the weekend so 2-3 choices would be great.

Many Thanks,


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  1. Have you ever been to Robert restaruant at Museum Arts and Design - only had apps there but it was very nice and all were good. Its On the south west corner of the park

    1. The original comment has been removed