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Jun 23, 2010 09:55 PM

HomeField Grill opening next week in Round Rock

Stopped by and looked inside today. This place is huge and very nice, they really invested a lot of time and money. Gigantic wrap around bar with at least eight 50'' plasma screens and a huge 125''+ high def projector in the middle of the bar.

High ceilings, game room, dueling kitchen, private room. The guy working said it is 11,000 sq ft.

Menu looked like you will be able to grab anything from a quick lunch to a more upscale dinner.

The inside really was immaculate. It is next to the Hastings at I-35 and Hester's Crossing. They said they will be open on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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      1. re: pankofish

        I went and the food is actually very good. Had the buffalo chicken flame thrower pizza, scallops, and the burger was fantastic. This is no 5 star restaurant, but it is a very nice place to take a family or have a couple of beers with friends and actually get a good meal.