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Jun 23, 2010 09:21 PM

Best ny/nj pizza in austin

In town for only a couple of days. Back when, I used to stop by saccone's on 183. Tried home slice on a friends suggestion and was underwhelmed. Suggestions on where to get a slice of east coast. Same question for bagels. Thx all!

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  1. Saccone's can be found at Anderson Mill and RR 620.

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    1. re: Rene

      I'm with Rene on this one; IMHO, Dan Saccone is hands-down "The Pizza Elvis" of Austin.

      Try his wonderful Neopolitan Style Pizza with "Sweet Sauce" and incidentally; Saccone's offers the only genuine Sicilian Pizza that I have found in town. Saccone's Italiano Sub on Amoroso's bread from Philly features Proscuitto, Sopressata, Roasted Red Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil ... it's to die for.

      Home Slice is my #2; I just love thier Antipasto Chef's Salad and the Eggplant & Ricotta Pizza.

    2. Try Wholy Bagel on S. William Cannon just off Mopac. The best around! My NY native friends who visited recently gave them 2 thumbs up & said yes, they are authentic NY style bagels.

      1. Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria on Parmer @ Avery Ranch (on Parmer north of 620) might fit the bill.

        Brooklyn Heights
        14900 Avery Ranch Blvd Ste C700, Austin, TX 78717

        1. hot slice on guadalupe is where the actual new yorkers go.

          1. OK, made two mistakes on this trip.... Saccone's and Brooklyn Heights... Had a sinking feeling when I saw my uncooked pizza enter a rotating conveyer belt oven at Saccone's... Ouch,, and since they didn't have anything smaller than an 18"..... need I say more... Brooklyn Heights is a "gormet" pizza joint with the owner and chef graduates of a formal cooking school... this is not a NY/NJ pie.... Will try Tony C's (on recommendation of the owner of Wholly Bagel) on my next visit and Hot Slice... Speaking of Wholly Bagel,, the owner grew up in the county next to mine as a kid (passaic co)... His Black and Whites are flown in (the bronx--they actually arrived while i was sitting there) as are the crumb cakes and are the real deal delicious. The Taylor Ham bagel sandwich was way lite on the serving of meat... Bought a "texans" dozen to take back with to Houston.

            Brooklyn Heights
            14900 Avery Ranch Blvd Ste C700, Austin, TX 78717

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            1. re: bornie

              Please be aware that Tony C's just lost their chef. Downhill slide begins apace. Nikki's in Dobie Mall has the closest slice to what you're looking for.


              Dobie Mall
              , Austin, TX 78701

              1. re: scrumptiouschef


                Tony C's was by far the best pizza in Austin.

                Where do you get this info?

                1. re: tom in austin

                  Hi Tom,

                  We are still the best in Austin - NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

                  Come see us soon.

                  Cliff Abrahams
                  Tony C's Coal Fired Pizza

                  1. re: shoemaker666

                    I've been since that post, and Tony C's has remained strong.

                    As of my last visit, Tony C's was still my favorite pizza in Austin. Pardon the weird, way-out location.

                    And while it doesn't matter to me -- I really just care about the food, I should mention: the front of the house tries harder. Great service, friendly staff.

                2. re: scrumptiouschef

                  Hello - My name is Cliff Abrahams and I have been the Executive Chef of Tony C's since prior to the opening until today! I am a New Yorker who was recruited for this position as I had owned and operated a very successful pizza restaurant in Colorado for 5 years. We did lose a kitchen manager in January and that may be what you are referring to. I can assure you that not only is Tony C's as good as it has ever been it is even better! We are a stronger team and are putting out a very consistent product. We have even recruited a new AGM/KM that started in June that has enormous pizza experience and has worked with me as a sous chef and km for 10+ years. We are the strongest we have ever been in terms of food and service. We are currently seeking a 2nd location in the Austin market. So keep an eye out for it and please, come on down to anytime to have some of the most authentic NYC pizza you could possibly have in the great state of Texas. Also, we just started a JAZZ Brunch with awesome breakfast pizzas, classic breakfasts, bottomless mimosas,a TITOS build your own bloody bar and live jazz from THE NINES. It's a great time for all ages.

                  1. re: shoemaker666

                    Cliff, pleeeeease come to Cedar Park. We need something decent out here

                    1. re: shoemaker666

                      We can vouch for the brunch - really good breakfast pizzas!

                    2. re: scrumptiouschef

                      I just noticed a Niki's pizza on 620, west of I35 (there's a Hao Hao and a Hoodie's subs in the same strip).

                      Is that Niki's related to the one in Dobie?

                      Hao Hao
                      1205 Round Rock Ave Ste 135, Round Rock, TX 78681

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        Niki's also opening in Cedar Park, where Der Weinerschnitzel used to be on 183

                        1. re: rudeboy

                          Hmm, I guess Niki's took over the Saccone's Round Rock location (that was Conan's before that)?

                          1. re: ampeg66

                            I can't remember what kind of oven Saccones had at this location (front loading, rotating, etc.). I will try them within the next several days...maybe today.

                            1. re: rudeboy

                              Update - went today, but they don't open until tomorrow. I walked in and confirmed that they have a rotating type oven (not a conveyor belt). The lady told me that it was the same type of oven as they have at Dobie Mall. I'll report as soon as I go.

                              Dobie Mall
                              , Austin, TX 78701

                              1. re: rudeboy

                                We went for lunch yesterday. Business was slow, as it was their first day. Nicki himself was there, smiling and welcoming. They had a cheeseboard outside that offered an extra large 3 topping for $9.99. They also had about 8 pizzas out for the two slice plus drink lunch special ($5.50).

                                I felt bad, but I had to order a 3 topping pie made fresh. Nicki didn't bat an eye and made it for us (I was hoping for more customers to eat up the perfectly good pies that were already out, but only one couple came in the whole time we were there).

                                Anyhow, he made my pizza to order 1/2 and 1/2, extra crispy. THe dough had a nice chew and a bit of a yeasty flavor, he used purple onions and gave us quite a bit of them (generally, it doesn't look like he cuts back on ingredients when you have three), and the sauce had a nice bite. All three of us thought that it was "good." Not great, but a lot better than Saccone's was at the same location.

                      2. re: bornie

                        Saccone's has consistently underwhelmed me lately. They used to be a decent NJ-style pizza place once upon a time, but, judging from my more recent experience, it isn't anymore.