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Jun 23, 2010 07:46 PM

10 pounds of cherries; What To Do?

Mostly, bings, some ranier ( I think). From the parents of one of the kids on sons soccer team ( Go US!). I could try to eat them all, but I have visions of that scene in " Witches of Eastwick".

Most recipes seem to favor "sour cherries."

Anybody have experience with drying or preserving?

I really like "Cherries Garcia" ice cream. Anyway to get those flavors without making ice cream or candy?

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  1. - definitely make cherry clafoutis.
    - Cherry Garcia is nothing more than vanilla ice cream with shaved chocolate and cherries - if you don't want to make your own ice cram, you can fold the cherries and chocolate into store-bought vanilla...or into vanilla yogurt for a snack.
    - dehydrate some and dip in chocolate.
    - cherry pie or tart
    - Bon Appetit cherry brown butter bars
    - chutney
    - jam
    - macerated in kirsch or brandy
    - cook down with fresh thyme, pepper, wine & a little stock, finish with a splash of cream or a pat of butter, and serve over chicken or pork.
    - add to green salad with toasted almonds or pistachios and shaved cheese
    - serve on a cheese plate
    - i'm thinking they'd be terrific combined with miso somehow...

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      Do you know if that cherry brown butter bar recipe is on Epicurious? I couldn't find such a thing in a search there, but it sounds like something I need to know about. If it's not there, might you be willing to paraphrase? (I have some personal faves from Bon Appetit that are not on Epicurious, so I know it happens.)

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        I found it. Apparently the original was with raspberries. I'll link if I can find it again. I made a LOT of mistakes but it turned out okay. I used 1/2 instead of 1/4 cup floor, and forgot the browned butter until it was in the oven. I poured it over and jiggled the pan I also used a one day old, no-booze version of "marachinoed" cherries.

    2. Well, can't help with what you specifically asked for, but we picked a ton of cherries off our neighbour's tree (with their permission of course!) and so a quick search on epicurious led me to these recipes that I'm looking forward to trying:
      Sweet Cherry and Lemon Conserve
      Cherry Cornmeal Upside down cake
      Quick Plum and Cherry Jam
      Sweet Cherry Sorbetto
      Hope that gives you some inspiration!
      Heh heh, I also roped my mother-in-law into making us a cherry pie ;)

      1. I recently made several batches of tipsy cherries: simply Bing cherries poked with toothpicks and covered in
        - Cruzan vanilla rum
        - Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate vodka
        - 43 Liqueur

        You can get cherries tipsy pretty much any way you like...but I'm especially fond of the Cruzan vanillas. I also made a small batch of tipsies dipped in chocolate.
        Here's what the cherries look like:

        I also baked cherry almond scones with an almond glaze:

        And made a cherry almond cake:

        I vote you buy lots of jars and make lots of nice Christmas presents...tipsy cherries are delicious!

        1. These are great! Thanks!

          1. OOPS, one more for ya from NPR, Beyond Shirley Temples: The New Maraschino Cherry" for preserving cherries with or without booze and much more!


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              "No-Booze Maraschino Cherries"

              Perfect! Wonder how long they will keep.