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Jun 23, 2010 07:37 PM

Tobermory Dining Help

Hi Chounds,
Spendin 4 days up on the Bruce Pininsula staying in Tobermory. Looking for any recs..
Fine dining to casual laid back dinner, lunch, or good pub food, sandwiches, java place. Have a vehicle and will drive if needed.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Porto,

    You've got to try Fish & Chip Place in Tobermory! Their Fish Tacos made from local white fish - are legendary. Super great. Other menu items are good too!

    The candy/fudge place a couple doors over makes good fudge too. Enjoy!

    The Fish & Chip Place
    , Tobermory, ON N0H, CA

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    1. re: taysdad

      Beware, they close pretty early. We got there at 8:05 and they refused to seat us. Other than that, tobermory is a culinary wasteland.

      P.S. there are several threads documenting what's in the area if you search. Including an indonesian restaurant somewhere in the area.

      1. re: trane

        The Indonesian restaurant closed down. They opened a store instead.

    2. Hi Porto, I've been to the Grandview Dining for dinner while watching the beautiful sunset. The food was great especially while enjoying the view in the dinning room. Enjoy!

      Grandview Motel & Dining Room
      , Tobermory, ON N0H, CA

      1. Shipwreck Lee's is rated #1 on Trip Advisor

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        1. re: Wiley

          Thanks for the tips eveyone, I'm heading up next weekend, I'll keep doing my homework until then. Happylnuts I called the Grandview but they do not take rservations, I will try to get there one evening for sure.

          Any more rec's are greatly appreciated Chows.........Porto

        2. Just got back from a weekend up in Tobermory. I gotta say, foodwise it was a huge disappointment. The fish and chip place was a bit of a let down; while the white fish was very good and fresh testing, the frying technique was just not there resulting in a greasy fish with a boring batter. Fries were also boring; of the thinner variety unlike the thicker cut which I prefer with fish.

          Went to to Leaside for breakfast and it was pretty good, although basic (terrible homefries). I decided to try Lee's again for their dinner service and it was probably the worst meal I've ever had in a restaurant. Our meals came out way to fast and the meats were very rubbery (I suspect they were microwaved) and everything was terribly bland.

          I also tried Craiggy's for breakfast, which was also decent. I would be curious to try their fish and chips, but unfortunately I didnt have enough time.

          You should definetely check out the little tub bakery, on right on highway 6 and little cove road. There butter tarts are amazing, the best i've had. The perfect crust encasing the runny filling, and caramelized top... so good!! There fruit filled tarts are also really good.

          1. We had a good experience at Lighthouse last year. The fish was cooked very well. A bit overpriced, though.

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            1. re: blue bike

              Thanks Hounds,
              Sounds as though there is not a great deal up that way but I'll certainly use your suggestions to pick out the best of what's available. If anyone has any thoughts to places to stop for lunch on the way up or down anywhere along the Highway 6 and 10 Corridors please pass them along. I'm heading up tomorrow (Thursday) and coming home Sun afternoon. Any last thoughts on Tobermory area dining is greatly appreciated.
              Thanks so much.......Porto