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Jun 23, 2010 06:19 PM

Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #2 - 06/23/10 (Spoilers)

Looks like in the early shots, it's Cherry Blossom time in D.C. when they started filming this season. And the place they're staying in (the little bit we saw) looks nice. I'm sure if there's drama later in the season, we'll see more of the "dorm."

For the QuickFire, Sam Kass (White House Chef) is a guest judge. It's a "Bi-Parti-Sandwich QF." Thirty minutes to create a sandwich, paired in 8 teams of 2 people each...they draw knives to pair up. And what's the twist? They have to wear aprons that are "joined at the hip" - meaning each chef can only use one hand because the other arm has to be around the chef they're paired with!

Have to say - most of the sandwiches look REALLY good - I'll be interested to see these recipes up on Bravo's site tomorrow.

Angelo has a sandwich shop in NYC - he said he'll be embarrassed not to win. He's paired up with Tracy, and while they seem to work well together, why do I think he's NOT going to win?

Tracy & Angelo are on the top, as are Kenny & Ed's sandwich. And the winner is? Tracy and Angelo - and they both get immunity in the next Elimination Challenge.

For the Elimination Challenge, it ties in with the national initiative to end childhood obesity. The chefs are tasked with plating healthy kid fare at a local middle school. They have to deal with the exact same restrictive budget that schools have to deal with.

$2.60 per child - $134.00 total - and Sam takes away $4.00 - So they have $130.00. They'll work in teams of 4. Every chef is responsible for one item on the menu. Angelo and Tracy pick Ed and Kenny. Looks to be a strong team. BUT with 2 of them having immunity, Ed and Kenny could be in trouble if their team loses.

Other teams:

Amanda, Tamesha, Stephen, and Jacqueline
Alex, Tim, Kevin & Andrea
Tiffany, Lynn, Kelly, & Arnold

What the HELL is Amanda making a sherry jus for? This lunch is for KIDS! Oy. Even Tamesha, on her team, thinks using sherry isn't right.

And the teams find it difficult to keep to the $130 budget - one team was over by $100. Pretty much what schools have to deal with to be reimbursed by the gov't. - stay within a ridiculous budget.

The Alex, Tim, Kevin, Andrea team seems to be working well with foods that kids will like. Meanwhile, Kelly seems to be pissing off her teammates.

Chef Colicchio visits the chef before serving - his mother was responsible for feeding grade school kids for 20 years, so this challenge is near to his heart.

I think the Alex/Tim/Kevin/Andrea team won - the judges seemed to like their dishes the best. But this was written before JT.

So now it's JT...Padma calls in Angelo's Team and Amanda's team - I think THOSE are the lowest two teams! Yup - worst menus of the day. Nice way to switch it up! Jacqueline gets called out on the banana pudding (2 lbs. of sugar?) and Amanda gets called out by Kass on the budget for sherry.

Angelo's team gets called out on the no vegetables...and Colicchio brings up the fact that Tracy and Angelo have immunity and thinks there was some gamesmanship being played on his part. And then both teams start in on each other. Yowch!

Kass says Angelo's team was hands down the worst menu. They didn't like Jacqueline's banana pudding either!

The Tiffany, Lynn, Kelly, & Arnold team is the winning team! Who wins the individual EC? Kelly with her carnita! She had the main; not surprised. I did like the idea of Alex/Tim/Kevin/Andrea's menu better, however.

But it's the Kenny, Ed, Amanda, and Jacqueline team that is the lowest on the totem pole...I don't think people are going to trust Angelo much after this challenge. And I'm thinking Jacqueline is a goner. Yup - she's the one asked to PYKAG.

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  1. I do not think Temesha will not go far she is kind of grating on me.

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    1. re: chris2269

      Amanda is my dark horse ....but I could be wrong

    2. Kelly wins Thank you..Dark Horse FTW

      1. My husband and I paused the TiVo after the elimination challenge was announced to think about what we would do if given the challenge. Best we could come up with was a whole wheat pizza with reduced-fat mozz and a home-made tomato sauce. Not very creative, I know!

        What other thoughts come to mind for you hounds?

        Also, Linda, I'm with you on that fish sandwich - I didn't realize Bravo posted recipes, so thanks for pointing that out. It looked delicious!

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        1. re: loriannkru

          The first thing I thought of was mac & cheese - but mine usual recipe is SO not healthy! LOL

          Otherwise, a marinated/grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun with a nice salsa or low-fat aioli of some sort, coleslaw (with yogurt and lots of herbs for flavor, as was done tonight), a fruit skewer (could be marinated in a lime juice and honey mixture), and I'm not sure for dessert.

          1. re: loriannkru

            I'd probably make baked falafel. Protein doesn't have to be meat, but after *Jamie's Food Revolution*, who knows what counts as protein?

            1. re: loriannkru

              Chili or meatloaf, cut with shredded cabbage, chopped mushrooms (beans and corn for the chili) along with the beef. I make it all the time for my kids and their friends and even the pickiest eaters love it. When I heard the challenge, I thought--this is right up my alley since i feel like I'm always doing it for school parties, girl scout meetings, etc., etc. The obvious dessert would be some kind of fruit crisp but a low fat, whole wheat brownie trifle w/ strawberries would be good, too. But, who knows what is available at a Restaurant Depot and in what quantities? Can I get my King Arthur white whole wheat flour?

            2. Did Tamesha actually say "sang-wich" ?

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              1. re: lisavf

                She DID say sang-wich. At that moment, both my husband and I looked at each other and asked the same question!

              2. HATE challenges like this where they cook for kids (and also hated having the chefs use only one hand for the sandwiches).

                Some interesting dynamics but a throwaway overall as far as I'm concerned..