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Jun 23, 2010 06:04 PM

What dishes do you like at Brookside Thai (Bloomfield)?

My husband and I have been going to Brookside Thai for a feew months, and I tend to always order fish, which eems to be consistently good.

What other dishes do you like on the menu, especially appetizers?

Brookside Thai Restaurant
380 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

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  1. I've been meaning to get back to Brookside for years now. Finally tried it again today. Great restaurant. That's probably the best Thai food I've had on the East Coast outside of Queens. We had the pad see ew, the yum talay, and the pad prik khing (I think their menu spelled those last two "yum ta lai" and "pad pick khing"), all of which were excellent. We hadn't been back there since they renovated. Nice decor. (The only thing I didn't like was the inane, schmaltzy Muzak they were playing. It was especially bad because it was the Titanic soundtrack turned into Muzak -- as if that wasn't mind-bogglingly awful drivel already. But you get this kind of audio torture at a lot of Asian restaurants. I would've preferred routine, ridiculous Thai pop music, but maybe too many non-Thai people would complain if they played that.)

    I heard Thai spoken there too. At least a few of the customers were Thai. I guess there are some Thais in the Bloomfield area. Nice! And one Thai family got a dish that I couldn't identify but it looked awesome -- a pile of something sort of crunchy-looking (maybe a fish special) with round-ish pieces of fruit and/or tomato on top.

    I'll have to go back again sooner this time. This almost rivalled Sripraphai and Chao Thai in Queens although the flavors were quite a bit different in some ways and the entrees had more of a Chinese-Thai kind of taste (which is popular in Thailand), what with the yummy black bean sauce in the pad see ew, etc. But then, we never order that dish at Sripraphai.

    1. Also try the new Boonsong at 1040 Broad St. in Bloomfield. Strong competition for Brookside. The crispy watercress salad (#19, I believe) is outstanding. It's as good as when I had it in Thailand, maybe better. And better than it's been at the famed Sripraphai in Queens for years, or maybe ever. At least some of the people at Boonsong are from Isaan (northeastern Thailand) so I bet the laab/larb "salads" are really good there too, and maybe som tam (papaya salad) if they can get good enough papaya.

      1. The chicken laab and the mussels are very good. I had a grilled fish in banana leaves that was good. Found the other things we tried to be on the sweet side (even the chili sauce with the fish was very sweet).

        1. My favorite dishs at Brookside are the soft shell crabs in thai basil sauce and the duck with crispy broccoli. The calamari are to die for... tender, crispy with a wonderful dipping sauce.