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Jun 23, 2010 05:57 PM

Recipe Etiquette when Sharing

I have a friend the seems to beg me for a recipe almost every time she comes over. I usully give her the exact recipe with exact instructions like dont substiute a for b. But it never fails, she tells me weeks later the recipe didnt tast that good and then I find you she did exactly what I said not to do. For example she will take a brased pot roast and skip the browning, the slow cooking part and bake it at high temp uncovered becuse she is in a hurry. Even after I explain that the slow cooking tough meat is the only way to get it so tender.

I am getting annoyed with this. I realize everone likes to tweek a recipe to their tasts, I do this as well. But usually she alters it so much it dosnt tast anything like it was supposed to then blames the recipe. I told her that when I try a new ricipe, I always fallow it to a T the first time, then make changes or experiment after that. This seems to go over her head. She will say "ya thats a good idea" then go back to making all her odd changes anyway. Then she blames the origional recipe.

Whats the etiquette here? I dont mind sharing recipes but whats the point? What else can I say to her to stop taking shrot cuts or major alterations if she wants it to tast the same as when she had it at my house?

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  1. Your friend might just be kind of dumb. I often make little changes to recipes but if it comes out wrong, it's pretty obvious that it's probably my own damn fault for not following instructions. If she thinks her methods are superior, in the face of your instructions and direct evidence to the contrary, then maybe she's just too stupid or stubborn to teach otherwise.

    (I'm not trying to be rude, just saying you're right to get annoyed. I'm sure she's still a lovely friend despite her possible stupidity)

    1. I swear if this has happened pretty consistently I think I'd be inclined to say "You know that I love you dearly but it just makes me crazy that you keep changing the recipes I give you and then are displeased with. So I'm just not going to give them to you anymore."

      1. Sounds like a topic on which lots of people would have an opinion ... see 69 responses right over here:

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          I thought this sounded familiar.

        2. I find the same problem in my day job. Science protocols are just like cooking. If you don't follow the recipe, and it doesn't work, well...

          I tend to say don't change a thing until you can get it to work when you don't change *anything*. It's more of a problem at work than it is in my cooking life...

          1. Don't change a thing ... and next time, invite your friend over and make the recipe with her.