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Jun 23, 2010 04:13 PM

Hog Tails BBQ in Waterloo...has anybody tried it?

I am always in search of some good Q....but have been disappointed more than not...wondering if any other Chow people have tried it as of yet?

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  1. I personally haven't, but my husband will often go for lunch. He says it's okay. Nothing spectaular, by far not the best BBQ he's ever had, but it will satisfy a craving.

    That being said, BBQ is a very personal preference.

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      So...I tried this place for lunch today. I had the pulled pork sandwich and cornbread.

      I've definitely had better, but I've also had worse. The pork was juicy and not fatty, but it lacked the nice smokey flavour. The bun was soft (like a grocery store bun) and absorbed the sauce. I prefer a bun with more substance.

      The coleslaw was mayo based and extremely salted. I ended up putting it on my sandwich since I couldn't eat it straight.

      The cornbread was cold, hard and dry. I don't recommend.

      I wouldn't race back, but if you have a craving for BBQ, this is really your only option in the area and may satisfy the craving.

    2. The first time we tried it: excellent! The subsequent times, not as good. The last time we tried it (last wee), ALL the stuff we ordered was way too salty. Because I love BBQ I will give it one more chance, but if it still sucks, I'm done.