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Jun 23, 2010 03:36 PM

If not on expense account: any places in 2010 you would make a trip to LV to eat /dine / chow?

Currently are there places you would make a trip to LV to eat if you are paying?

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  1. Plenty of choices.
    What do you like and how much are you willing to spend.
    There's something for everyone.

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    1. re: monku

      No specific budget, but getting good value. In the past found LV fancy hotel restaurants to be over priced and neither the food, presentation, quality, nor the very non professional service to be worth it.

      1. re: kel

        "In the past found LV fancy hotel restaurants to be over priced and neither the food, presentation, quality, nor the very non professional service to be worth it."

        Well, that's a whole lot of over-generalizing. Last I checked, there are PLENTY of "LV fancy hotel restaurants". Are some of them overpriced? Of course. Are some of them rip-offs? Yes. But are some of them offering terrific value to discerning foodies? Absolutely! And are there some restaurants here that are so amazing that there's no way to really put a price on the experience they deliver? Oh gawd, YES!

        Please take a look at some of our past discussions before passing blanket judgments on all Vegas restaurants:


        1. re: atdleft

          Thank you for suggestrions to keep more open mind about the better quality places--especially with their "specials"

        2. re: kel

          I would definately go to Rosemary's. Thier 3 course $55 prix fixe offers excellent value with excellent service. Went in last Saturday night had a crimini mushroom soup with truffle oil, a crawfish risotto, and a veal filet as my 3 courses. All were excellent . You can choose 2 course with an entree - so 2 apps, 1 app and a salad, 1 app or salad and dessert - however you want to pair it.

      2. Are you talking about making a trip to Vegas specifically for a specific restaurant? Or are youalready going to Vegas and looking for recommendations?

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        1. re: baderin

          One major reason is good, interesting, varied and chow type of eating. For good value.

          1. re: kel

            In every other thread that you've commented on today you specifically mentioned that you found many Las Vegas restaurants over priced. It seems that you've answered your own question. You are correct Strip restaurants are over priced. But then so are bars, nightclubs, pool parties, gift shops, etc..

            The only good value found in Las Vegas are hotel room rates. There are way too many unused rooms right now. Some hotels have closed off certain floors in an effort to trim labor costs, others have closed entire towers. Room rates are down but table minimums are up and fewer people are gambling, thus resorts are looking to either cut services or mark up prices in every other profit center to recoup the lower gaming revenue.

            Many people rave about LOS, but you find it ordinary. City Center is sometimes good for you and sometimes not. You like the Wynn's buffet but seemingly none of the others.

            It looks like you've tried quite a few Las Vegas restaurants, but you don't seem pleased by most. Maybe time to try a different city?

            1. re: shamu613

              "You are correct Strip restaurants are over priced."

              But that's not completely true. There are still a number of "recession specials" to find in restaurants up and down The Strip. Bradley Ogden has a $59 prix-fixe menu, and Aureole has prix-fixe menus starting at just $65. And don't forget the "Taste of Wynn" menus offered at all the Wynn & Encore restaurants!

              Bradley Ogden
              3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

              3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Paradise, NV 89119

              1. re: atdleft

                I agree. And many hounds have ferreted out these deals, yet some are still unpublicized. And kudos to your reply to the OP's second message. Very well targeted to his needs.

                1. re: shamu613

                  Overpriced compared to where? I live in LA/OC and most of the top-notch places are comparable in price. Bradley Ogden's $29 prix-fixe burger is the most delectable I've ever had (and as adleft mentioned, the $59 menu as well is a great value), you can go to Alex for their Taste of Wynn ($89) and experience one of the best dinners on the planet.
                  That's not even mentioning deals that you find just by walking around the various hotels and checking out what else is going on as far as specials.
                  My last offer from Wynn/Encore was 2 nights free with a $150 dining credit, which I used this past March and have another next month.
                  Not overpriced to me in the least.

                  Bradley Ogden
                  3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

                  1. re: BubblyOne

                    Thanks for the reminder, Bubbly! Yes, Bradley Ogden also has a bar menu that includes that amazing burger.

                    Bradley Ogden
                    3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

                2. re: atdleft

                  Thank you --great ideas. Also heard that Charlie Palmer's has Sunday $48 special including wine???

                3. re: shamu613

                  Excellent analysis. Thank you. Sorry, if less than super food for lot of money does not make me happy--regardless of the city.
                  One reason for Chowhound is to search for better alternatives .
                  Yes, of course try several other cities/ countries. Trying LV restaurants again in next couple of months.

                  1. re: kel

                    And thanks for taking our responses well. Those of us who live in Vegas and/or spend a lot of time in Vegas throughout the year have been able to try out a number of the best restaurants in town, so we're familiar with who's doing what where, who just serves hot air, and who offers some of the best grub in The West. Again, please take a look at some of the other recent discussions on the Vegas CH board to get a better sense of where we've been eating lately.

            2. I am trying to go to Vegas soon...1st I do not Gamble it's all about a food tour.
              I plan to hit Raku, LOS , Julian Seranno, and Bachi Burger. I would look in to these places.
              I am paying and these I feel are worth my money to try out.

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              1. re: chris2269


                I just had a superb meal at Raku. We ate extensively off the specials menu, which is generally much more expensive than the items off the regular menu, but also ate many of the regular menu items. The grilled items are small but very reasonably priced and just as good in quality as the specials, which are priced higher primarily because of the higher ingredient cost. There were many highlights, but don't miss the cold tofu or beef tendon skewer. We had a live uni with noodle that was superb. I expected the grilling to be expert; I didn't anticipate such wonderful sauces and broths.

                Lotus is my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. Like Raku, you can eat at a higher price point (although it is much easier to run up a big bill at Raku), but also quite cheaply (I have friends who get out of LOS for under $20 per person). Yes, the five-pound lobster costs a lot, but nothing else is over $30, and the vast majority of the entrees are much less. And again, some of the best dishes are inexpensive.