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Jun 23, 2010 02:06 PM

Planning a Party Near Rocky Mount, NC

Has anyone eaten at Abram's BBQ and Seafood. It is located in Tarboro, NC. My husband and I am planning a family birthday party/family reunion.

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  1. It's typical gas-cooked barbecue, in the vein of Smithfield's/Parker's/Bill Ellis. Not the best around, but you could do worse in that category. They have good cheese biscuits. IIRC the fried chicken is alright. Never had seafood from there.

    1. They do a better job with their catering than in the restaurant. Depending on your expectations, they do a pretty good job and are extremely reasonable. Barbecue is ok, fried chicken and hush puppies good, vegetables mostly canned and a lot of items purchased pre-fab. If you get vegetables, go with slaw, cabbage and collards. I think their cheese biscuits are disgusting, but my wife loves them. Avoid seafood, unless you like frozen shrimp from Bangladesh.