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Jun 23, 2010 01:44 PM


Anyone tried the new restaurant from the chef of Jezebel on the east side? Do they have their liquor license yet or let you BYOB?

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  1. Went Tuesday night. They're working on their liquor license, so in the meantime, if you order an entree, they'll give you a couple glasses of wine, or Lone Star on tap. Had the Rosie salad, and bone-in King Salmon Steak. Pretty tasty. Liked that they offer 1/2 plates. Since we were eating late, we split a 1/2 plate, which was perfect. Overall, a good experience.

    1. Stopped in for an early dinner yesterday. It was really good.

      We started with the Mussels and they were good, not fall out of your chair amazing, but solid. The rolls that they brought to the table were really good, thick and yeasty with a touch of honey, I think.

      For our entrees we had the beef osso bucco and brussel sprouts and portobello mushroom ragout with gorgonzola. Both were fabulous. The portobellas had a really great flavor, balsamic and wine maybe? and there was just the right amount of gorgonzola cheese to kick-up the earthy flavors of the brussel sprouts and mushrooms. The veggies were served on top of grits that were so-so, but they're grits, I've never been blown away by grits.

      The garlic mashed, however, did blow me away. I love garlic, but I often shy away from garlic mashed potatoes at restaurants because they tend to overdo it. Not at Braise, the potato/garlic ratio was just right, and the osso bucco itself was beautiful. Tender and just falling apart with the right amount of sauce, I thought it was great.

      And dessert. Braise's buttermilk pie was definitely better than the last few places I've been. The filling was soft and creamy with a good bit of cinnamon. The crust was a little overcooked for me

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        i concur, this review was right on, especially about the beef osso bucco and brussel sprouts-portobello mushroom ragout. the owners recognize the beef osso bucco as being their star dish, and understandably so... we also tried the black bass, which needs some work (boring grits in our version). it's had several incarnations, but seems to be heading in the right direction... looks like they're making changes as they get feedback
        they mentioned they won't have a liquor license for maybe a year, for whatever reason. but they'll continue to offer free wine if you order an entree. they offer one red (Copper Ridge Cabernt Sauvignon) and one white (some Chardonnay, which i despise). they also allow BYOB...

      2. All good except: What's up with the pricing of their desserts? Nine bucks for chocolate mousse and five bucks for hot chocolate? Get real !!!