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Jun 23, 2010 01:35 PM

Quick bite to eat near the Trocadero?

I'll be on a 12 hour layover in Paris this coming Sunday, from noon to midnight.

I'm planning on watching the England-Germany soccer game at the FIFA Fan Fest on the Trocadero, which starts at 4pm, but am hoping to catch a quality quick bite around the area before the game. Any suggestions on where I could get a bite around the area? I would probably get to that general area around 2:30pm, which is a little late for a regular lunch.

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  1. Normally I suggest Le Scheffer, but due to the timing, the Costes crew has a brasserie right on the Place. It's open all day.

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      Since it's for a quick bite and I see you have only some 12h in Paris, you could also try Carette, a wonderful salon de thé at 4, Place du Trocadéro. They have delicious salty and sweet snacks and composed salads. Its terrace is a perfect place for people watching also. Lots of take aways also, in case you're in a hurry to watch the game.

      Since you won't leave the city until midnight, you can always have a full meal in the evening.

    2. And Le Café du Trocadéro is has pretty expensive but well-made food.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking of the following plan for now:

        For lunch, try to buy foie gras, baguette, cheese and some good bread/pastries and picnic at the Trocadero. Any suggestions on a good street or store nearby that would be good for picking up these items?

        For dinner, I'd like to eat at a quick and early dinner (say 6pm to 8pm), before heading back to the airport. Ideally I'd continue to stay around 16e. I know, this is a very ambitious plan, and I may not be able to accomplish all of this with a tight schedule, but I'd still like to know what the best options are as I dearly love Paris and its food and don't want the 12 hours to go to waste.

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          It may be totally booked up because the location is so perfect, but I would still check out Cafe de l'Homme and see what might be possible on Sunday. Ideally, a table on their terrace for a late lunch pre-game would be ideal for crowd watching and also having a nice meal.

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            Getting grocery on a sunday afternoon will be nearly impossible -- it was a good idea, but not on a sunday at 2. You'll probably find a good bakery (though the local Kayser will be closed) but that's about it. There's a grocery store at the corner of Kléber and Longchamp where you'll find industrial ham and cheese, but I take it it's not what you're looking for.

            For dinner, I'd cross the river and head to one of the great places in the 7th, like La Fontaine de Mars.

        2. Good day, spectacular view, not bad chow - Tokyo Eat
          Tokyo Eat
          13 av du President Wilson, 16th (Metro : Alma Marceau, Iena)
          T :
          Closed Mondays
          A la carte 50 €.

          1. If you want to picnic, go first to the marché couvert de Passy which on Sundays is open until around one o'clock. There you will find every thing you mention and more - the quality as you you might expect is generally very high even if this is not the cheapest market in Paris.

            It's on rue Bois le Vent, about ten minutes walk from Trocadero, just off rue de Passy and opposite McDonalds.

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              The fish monger in the corner is probably the best in town, and one of the only ones who prepares fish correctly (in terms of scaling, boning etc. ). La poissonerie de Passy it's called. Fruits and vegs are not great in this market except for the guy at the East end, who is ridiculously expensive.

              But you won't find anything if you're coming in at 2.

            2. I hesitate mentioning the Café Carlu in the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine because I haven't been. But it occurs to me that if Café de l'Homme is booked, or if you want something way less pricey, then this may be another option. As I understand it, it is very casual and it also has an outside terrace. Has anyone tried the food there?