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Jun 23, 2010 01:25 PM

The Inlet - Atlantic Highlands

Went on Monday with the family and kids for the first time after a day at the beach. The hostess was very nice and inviting. My kids started petting the dog that lives there (didn't bother me too much, but still). The kids ordered root-beer on tap that tasted like vinegar, sent it back. To sum it up. The view is nice and the food mediocre. 137.00 for two adults and two kids ($20 for steamers) is expensive in my opinion, especially when a dog is going under your table now and then.

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  1. I haven't been to the Inlet Cafe since steamers were $5 a BUCKET, and I mean a REAL BUCKET. And that could have been in the 80's.

    That is expensive and with two little ones (given by the Root beer comment) you were obviously in the wrong restaurant expecting quality and VALUE.

    Caveat Emptor.

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      By the way, my kids (18 yo especially) loves steamers. It'll run me $15 at Sally T's up the road in Monmouth Beach so the $20 may be 'what it is' and if it was a bigger portion that the one one gets at Sally's it sounds about right.

    2. I like the Inlet Cafe for what it is, but it can be expensive. It is actually in Highlands, though, not Atlantic Highlands.

      $20 for steamers just kills me; I love them a lot, but remember when they were a throw-away dish. Alas, that was a time long ago and far away.

      1. "$137.00 for two adults and two kids ($20 for steamers) is expensive in my opinion,"

        No it's not. Really.

        Yes, the steamers may be overpriced but a typical meal for two adults at a restaurant with a water view that isn't a hot dog shack is at least $100 - $115. Throw in food for the kids and it's easy to get to $137.The prices at Inlet Cafe are typical, not exceptional.

        Now you can make a legitimate argument as to whether the food is worth it. I like the place for lunch. My last dinner there was a bit underwhelming - my fish entree was a bit bland and somewhat on the smallish side. But the prices themselves are typical.

        I'm sure some people will disagree. If you do, please list some comparable restaurants with lower prices. Again, the criteria is water view/outdoor seating/not a hot dog shack. We can look at their on line menus and figure out how much a bucket of steamers, two entrees, and a couple of drinks would cost.

        1. I like the Inlet Cafe. Went there with another couple for our anniversaries 2 weeks ago and it was very good. three of us had the grouper and one had the seafood newburg. waitress was very good. We ate on the deck and had a wonderful view. Cannot wait to go back.

          1. Isn't this in the Highlands? Atlantic Highlands in another town North of the Highlands.