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Jun 23, 2010 01:13 PM


I know it is fancy and expensive. Is it good?

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  1. They have VERY attentive service.... almost too stuffy IMHO, the food is quite good but there are better dinners to be had in The Berkshires. They have a very good wine list as well.

    1. I stayed there a few years ago and went to their brunch on Sunday. It was top notch.

      1. I compare Blantyre with Inn at Little Washington, White Barn Inn, Fearington House, Woodlands, Blackberry Farm, Lake Placid Lodge, The Point, The Wauwinnet, Post Hotel, Wickaninnish Inn, Auberge and Meadowood. Blantyre is an outstanding resort in a beautiful place.

        1. Blantyre is one of my favorite places. It is quite unique. Yes, you do need to bring the GDP to pay for it, but, you already KNOW that going in. The staff knows how to walk the razor's edge between extremely professional and friendly. And, for the type of dining experience Blantyre is, it DOES provide value for the money as it were...
          And the food is really wonderful, too.

          1. The original comment has been removed