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Jun 23, 2010 12:08 PM

Any opinions on Dewolf Tavern in Bristol, RI ??

Goimg to Newport for 1 nite - looking for great food in the area. Hotel is in Swansea off I-195. going to the mansions & newport during day & saw somewhat good reviews for Dewolf tavern. Any recommendations would be appreciated

Dewolf Tavern
267 Thames St, Bristol, RI 02809

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  1. I went once, liked it but didn't love it - maybe I started out w/my expectations too high. I don't think of it as a summer place, it's got an atmosphere better suited to winter (sort of cave-like, in a nice way). I've never been, but Persimmon seems to be the place to eat in Bristol. Stop for a drink at The Boathouse in Tiverton, great setting. I didn't recommend it for dinner because I'd say it's in the good not great category.

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      I like De Wolfe. The mussels aptzr is a great way to start. Scallops also very good.

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        i too have only sat at the bar and had appes,and those mussles are really good.although they do have a nice patio,i wouldnt consider it a summer place,the dining room is cozy..the owner came from Tabla in nyc,the food has an indian influence in a great way,not overpowering or over the top at all.Persimmon is right around the courner,and really great too,you just missed newport restaurant week,with a 3 course dinner for 30$,which is a deal.

    2. I've been to DeWolfe Tavern in Bristol many times - it is a good and interesting restaurant with an intriguing Indian influence. They make a balsamic vinegar sorbet to go with some very good raw oysters....another good choice in the area would be Restaurant 524 in Tiverton - a new place that just got their liquor license. Local, seasonal all that. You could also go to Fall River and enjoy Sagres, a traditional Portuguese place with great pork and clams and kale soup. For lunch in Bristol, the Beehive Cafe is great.

      Sagres Restaurant
      177 Columbia St, Fall River, MA 02721