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Jun 23, 2010 12:01 PM

Avoid Big Buck Brewery In Gaylord, MI if you want an adult beverage

Went to this sprawling brew pub in Gaylord, right off I75 last weekend. In addition to brewing their own beer, they now make their own wine and distill their own spirits. In Michigan, once you make your own, you can't sell anybody else's. We were not inclined to tempt fate with the wine they were selling and, since they don't distill tequila, we couldn't get a Margarita.

Happily, the waitress referred us to their competition, Bennethum's Northern Inn, which was delightful, with a good wine list and a mixture of solid American food and some adventurous specials, all delivered by a delightful waitress.

Now, if you don't drink and like screaming children running around your table, then good luck at the Big Buck.

Bennethum's Northern Inn
3917 Old US Highway 27 S, Gaylord, MI 49735

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  1. I don't drink beer. How was the food?

    1. Why would I avoid Big Buck Brewery because they don't serve Tequila? Should I avoid all the fantastic little diners mentioned on this site because they don't serve beer? There are plenty of choices for decent food in Gaylord but Big Buck is the only one that is a Micro Brew so someone that likes unique brews this is their place.

      And to answer Kansas the food is OK nothing earth shaking here, it is sort of in the league of a TGIF or Fridays IMHO.

      They also brew their own Root Beer which is very good, a nice place to stop for a Root Beer Float as a treat.

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      1. re: firestalker

        Hmm. Perhaps they've made the original a sacred cow or something. My buddy Paul and I happened upon this place (the Gaylord one) eons ago, and our first trip there was amazing, but subsequent visits (especially to the now-gone satellite location(s) [i.e. Auburn Hills]) were increasingly disappointing, food-wise (we really aren't much into alcohol, though I'll have an occasional cocktail now and again). Prices climbed dramatically, while food quality dropped abysmally, and perfectly good (well-liked by us) menu items were eliminated altogether.

        We had long since stopped going by the time they finally closed their doors in Auburn Hills. I'll fully admit to liking their non-alcoholic beverages that I tried (the root beer, the cherry pop) served in the frosted mugs, which was (and always is) a nice touch. However, the food issue was paramount, and the high expense *certainly* didn't escape our notice.

        Perhaps the original Gaylord location is surviving to this day because they realized that doing things the *right way* is what keeps folks returning. Let's hope so.

        1. re: boagman

          As a beer geek....they have never been known as one of the states better brewers. Serviceable, but no stand out.

          1. re: JanPrimus

            Depends on your point of view, I guess. I find most Michigan beers to be borderline undrinkable, or worse. I remember trying Big Buck's beer years ago and thought it was okay. But then I don't like high alcohol, way hoppy, in your face beers.

            Big Bucks Bar
            230 W Paris Ave, West Terre Haute, IN 47885

            1. re: crw77

              Borderline undrinkable? The quality and variety of craft beer in Michigan is phenomenal, and just keeps getting better! While there are some "way hoppy" beers (which, full disclosure, I do love), there are also plenty of less "in your face" offerings.

              With that said, I will agree with JanPrimus that Big Buck is nothing to get excited about. Instead opt for Founders, Shorts, Dark Horse, or New Holland just to name a few.

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