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Jun 23, 2010 11:59 AM

anniversary dinner on july 4

I'm realizing while trying to plan something for our first anniversary that getting married on July 4 may not have been the best idea in terms of future anniversary plans!

I was thinking about doing a fun day in dc, watching the show and fireworks and then eating a late dinner around 9:45 at J&G Steakhouse or Filomena (but prob. J&G Steakhouse unless anyone thinks Filomena would be better).

Or- we could skip the fireworks entirely and have much more freedom in terms of having an early dinner around 8pm when there are more choices.. any suggestions for a place? We are pretty picky eaters and mostly like Steak and Italian.


J&G Steakhouse
515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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  1. I have celebrated a special occasion at J&G and they did a great job. However its so close to the mall the whole area would be swarming with tourists going to see the fireworks. Personally I wouldnt want to be jostled around like that - also I am sure people would be swarming POV on their roof for the view. I might be a cynic but I stay as far away from that area as possible on the 4th. Maybe old town??

    1. The fireworks ususally don't start until almost 9:30. I'd go for the earlier dinner and then try to get onto the Mall a little before 9:00 to find your spot.

      1. As the 4th is on a Sunday this year, your choices may be more limited than normal (even for a 4th of July). You might want to check to see if CityZen or Sou'Wester (both in the Mandarin Oriental) have something special - and you should be able to have a nice view of the fireworks from there. If you don't already have reservations somewhere, I'd act fast. It's going to be crazy!

        CityZen Restaurant
        1330 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024

        1. I would go with J & G Steakhouse. You should call them and explain you are celebrating an anniversary. You might be able to watch the fireworks from their amazing roof top bar. But it's awfully close to the 4th, so they might already be booked. The food is great and if you are interested in celebrating the 4th you could find a better spot...right near the Mall (although I would opt to watch the fireworks from the hotel if at all possible), White House etc.

          If you are thinking about skipping the fireworks all together I would chose a restaurant far away from the Mall, maybe Palena, Blue Duck Tavern, or Brasserie Beck.

          3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

          Brasserie Beck
          1101 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

          Blue Duck Tavern
          1201 24th Street NW, Washington, DC 20037

          1. The Top of the now W hotel has an amazing view of the fireworks if you can get in. We did that back when it was the Hotel Washington. Although they may be doing dinner, not just drinks. I don't think it was too too hard for us to get to the Hotel Washington, we avoided the mall and parked more uptown in a garage then drove home. Some traffic, but the metro is probably far crazier.

            You could also see if the Crystal City Ruth Chris has reservations for a table with a view as they have a great view of the fireworks as I recall. And since you love steak it might be a good choice?

            Hotel Washington
            515 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004