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Jun 23, 2010 11:42 AM

Shushu's on N. Burnet, location of old Tien Hong

Walked in to see maybe four people eating there. As you walk in one sees a cash register and behind it on the wall a small menu. You order from the menu and then to the left there is kind of a cafeteria counter. Not interested, and left. Just letting folks know what the setup is there. .

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  1. I went in as well, but just to grab a to go menu. I was hoping for a more varied and authentically chinese menu...however, it was more of an american chinese menu. There was nothing to make me rush over there and eat. There's a positive review on Yelp (Katherine C).

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      I went there the day after it opened, got a take out but didn't order anything. My first impression was mall Chinese. With Din Ho so close, the question was "Why?"

    2. this is in my neighborhood. I ate there on Sunday. Or, rather, I got some food to take home. It is, indeed, standard American Chinese food. The menu is not terribly large, unfortunately. My order was pretty standard: hot and sour soup, crab rangoon, sesame shrimp. It was a perfectly decent meal. The shrimp was large, which is nice, and the soup and rangoon were perfectly fine. It was fairly unremarkable. I'd eat there again. The only notable thing about the meal was that the fortune cookie was stale.

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        i had take out from there. they were really nice folks. the food was passable for what it is. inexpensive american chinese food. the green beans were good.

      2. I ate there today. Food was excellent for what it is. Good prices as well.

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          can you tell us a bit more...what did you have? how much was it? what was the serving size?