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Where to eat breakfast outdoors

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Want to eat breakfast outdoors this weekend. Any ideas? I live in Monmouth County, but willing to travel! Food is as important as view! Don't want to sit at a table on the sidewalk of a busy intersection ( Ibby's in Freehold comes to mind! )

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  1. Zoe's on Center Street in Atlantic Highlands has a small outdoor patio. Food is good, the service can be spotty. Sissy's at the Atlantic Highlands harbor also has outdoor seating with a nice view.

    1. a few come to mind:
      - North Beach Grille in Long Branch
      - Riverfront Cafe in Sea Bright
      - My Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach

      IMO they all have above average breakfast choices however, My Kitchen Witch wins hands down. - Limited seating outside so be prepared to wait - but worth it!

      My Kitchen Witch Cafe
      29 Beach Rd, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750

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        Sunset Landing on the Asbury Park/Wanamassa border.

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          Turning Point in Pier Village.

          Pier Village
          30 Laird St, Long Branch, NJ

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            Have you been to Sunset Landing lately? It used to be our "go-to" place for outdoor breakfast and normally would be my first recommendation but the past few times we have been there we have been severely dissapointed. In our most recent visits the food was served cold, burned or just down right not tastey :(
            Its such a shame b/c the atmosphere is unique and fun.

        2. bayside cafe in lavallette if it is still there and is open for the season? had a nice breakfast there awhile back.

          1. Nearly all the places in Ocean Grove have outdoor seating - Nagles, Starving Artist, Yvonne's, Raspberry Cafe. I think Starving Artist has the best breakfasts....

            1. Black Trumpet's new location - Ocean Avenue in Spring Lake w/ ocean views.

              Black Trumpet
              7 Atlantic Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762

              1. The Kitchen Witch doesn't have a view, but their food makes up for it. Just amazing. From the pancakes which are out of this world, so the fresh smoothy bar to the BEST bacon I have ever had, just top notch, Also, they usually have a guitar player who rips and is a nice addition. Really nice guy and he just jams and does his thing.
                I have to tell you, they bake their bacon and coat it with brown sugar. It's melt in your mouth to die for.
                The service is just nice and they get to know you. It;s my favorite place, hands down for breakfast.