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Jun 23, 2010 11:05 AM

Rodizio - someplace that works for someone who doesn't eat beef

DH really wants to go to a Rodizio restaurant, but I need to find someplace that offers something decent for someone who doesn't eat beef and isn't really into eating large quantities of any meat...I know it's a challenge. Any rec's for Rodizio which has a good alternative option for non-meat lover?

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  1. Most Rodizio places offer a regular menu which would include chicken and fish/seafood. The ones the come to mind are Rio on McCarter Highway in Newark and on Rt 22 in Union, and Iberia on Ferry St. in Newark.

    1. Try Fernandes in Newark. Their non-rodizio food is terrific - true Portuguese. Check out the menu at

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        Cool, that could definitely work for us!

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          Cranrob, thanks again, we went last night and enjoyed ourselves. It's a lot of fun, there were several tables celebrating and taking photos with the Rodizio servers. Hubby did say all of the meat was very salty (which is common for these places) but I counted that he had 10 different varieties of meat (chicken, turkey, beef). I had mariscados in green sauce and brought home probably 1/2 lb of shrimp from it that I couldn't finish!

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            Glad you liked it, BeeZee. I always order off the menu when I'm there (not a huge Rodizio fan), and everything I've had has been wonderful. Mariscada is a great choice there. I also love their Camarão Grelhado à "Matozinhos", very large grilled shrimp in a wine/lemon/herb sauce.

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            I have eaten from one end of the Ironbound to the next, and I have come to the conclusion, reinforced by the wild boar chops I had yesterday, that Fernandes Steakhouse is the best restaurant in the area. It's not a place you can walk to from Penn Station or the Ferry Street area, but believe me, it is worth the ride.

          3. i been to quite a few and fernadez is the best ive been to in newark. They have the best cuts of meat! the valet parkin is also a good perk.

            1. Edited to remove the dupe...I missed the url for Fernandes up above!