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Jun 23, 2010 11:01 AM

Report: Super Duper Burgers (Market & Castro in SF)

Stopped in here by chance and was blown away, I think this is my new favorite burger in SF. My cheeseburger was perfectly cooked, juicy, great proportion of meat to bun to dressings, and made with niman-ranch beef. The fries were also great, very fresh tasting, crispy, thin, not too greasy. And for dessert I had a Strauss creamery soft serve cone dipped in dipped in hard-shell chocolate, and they carry Racer 5 beer on tap. It was an unexpectedly great meal, and a very good place for kids.

The atmosphere is nothing special, bright, clean, order at the counter. Menu is pretty sparse and simple- burgers, chicken burgers, portobello burger. One interesting thing we didn't try is a sundae with chocolate chip cookies and bacon.

Anyone else been here and liked/didn't like?

Super Duper Burgers
2304 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94101

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  1. I enjoyed the chicken sandwich there a lot. It was perfectly cooked and even juicy, with a nice chipotle sauce. The staff is really nice and the layout is very efficient...although we did not like the fries. May have just been a bad batch. Also, the burgers seem to be on the small side.

    1. How does it compare to In n' Out, which seems like who they are targeting.

      I will say, it bothers me that it's owned by the same people who run Starbellly, where they use either Prather Ranch or Marin Sun Farms (can't remember) , but they that they only use Niman Ranch beef at Super Duper. If they want to use corn-fed beef here that's fine, I just don't like the attitude that Niman ranch beef isn't good enough for their burgers at one restaruant, but good enugh for the burgers at another

      Prather Ranch
      1 Ferry Bldg # 32, San Francisco, CA

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        In my opinion it was much better than in n' out- juicier, better proportions, fresher tasting. and definitely a better overall dining experience, since the in n' out near where i live is always completely mobbed, noisy and not very clean.

        1. re: vulber

          Attitude? The Prather Ranch burger at Starbelly is $9. Super Duper's entry level burger is $3.75. Certainly economics comes into play. I don't see "attitude" but a restaurant that's trying to deliver a product with the best ingredients it can afford and obtain in large volume for the $3.75 price point and audience it wants to serve. God love 'em.

          Prather Ranch
          1 Ferry Bldg # 32, San Francisco, CA

        2. I visited recently and like the idea of a nice burger place in the Castro that's not serving up greasy burgers. I ordered the "super" burger which is basically a cheeseburger with tomatoes and lettuce and I liked it. I wasn't necessarily "blown away" but it was good. They have a slight salty tinge to it from the grill that I actually like. But in comparison to Trueburger in Oakland, which I'm near, I like Trueburger's temperature in the burger. There's more moisture in Trueburger's final product than SuperDuper. I'm not saying superDuper was dry (it wasn't) but it wasn't as juicy as the burgers I've had at Trueburger. Both places serve the same size though.

          I also agree that the menu is very limited, although I did try their shakes and loved the freshness of the strawberries.

          146 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

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          1. re: singleguychef

            Just to clarify my comment about the simple menu- i consider that a strength in a place like this- they aren't spreading themselves too thin, just presenting a few well-designed options and doing them really well.

          2. I walked up to Super Duper this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is definitely nothing special, but I really enjoyed the food.

            I ordered the special burger - "green peppercorn bacon burger," which contained exactly what the name says. The burger was delicious - a little drippy, but I didn't mind. The peppercorn in the dressing added the right amount of bite. The fries were great as well - not too greasy. Wash it all down with a Racer 5 and you've got a great Saturday lunch.

            I'm also a fan of the self serve pickles - even though the jar looked kinda gross and picked through, they were spicy and delicious (but not as crisp as I like).

            1. That's very close to BurgerMeister (my standard stop for burgers there-abouts).

              Which does anyone prefer?

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              1. re: bbulkow

                Super Duper made no impression on me foodwise, except that it was cheaper than B'meister.
                I don't think I would return...very ordinary....