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Jun 23, 2010 10:46 AM

Seeking Burger with Cheddar "Cheese Spread" Topping - St. Louis

Growing up in St. Louis, I used to visit my dad downtown and we would go have lunch at a place in the Old Post Office Building that was dark and crowded, with few tables. You would stand in line to place your order for a good grilled-char burger and then they would top wtih a big scoop of sharp cheddar cheese spread. Used to love, love, love that burger.

Where can I find the cheese spread burger today in St. Louis? I know Blueberry Hill has it, but I'm not fond on that place. Where else?

Blueberry Hill Restaurant
6504 Delmar Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63130

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  1. Michael's Bar and Grill, on Manchester. Go for the Junior Deluxe, as the Michael Burger is just about more food than anyone can handle. Home fries, not steak fries.

    Michael's Bar and Grill
    7101 Manchester Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63143

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      Fatted Calf in downtown Clayton, too, on Bemiston. Others too I am sure.

      Fatted Calf
      12 S Bemiston Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63105

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        Michael's is very good. I love that cheese spread, too. There's a sports bar called Rookies (the two I know of are in St. Charles, by New Town and in Wentzville) that also serves this.

      2. Sounds like Dooley's on 8th St. is where you guys used to go - right across the street from the old Post Office. Unfortunately it closed in '08.