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Jun 23, 2010 09:52 AM

Tao Truck

Driving in the S.F. valley yesterday, lunch time. See this truck on Ventura Blvd., a block or so west of Tujunga. Hungry. Pulled over. Ordered two rolls, grilled pork and shrimp. Fabulous! Fresh, tasty, every bit as good as what I've eaten in Little Saigon. Said this was their second day. They'd be back today in the same location. I plan to return - so few trucks in the valley, and fewer good ones, still. Must try other things on their menu.

They don't seem to have figured out yet how to post where they are.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Sandra W!

    1. Today they are at 11239 Vent. Blvd. - between Vineland and Tujunga.

      I just ordered 2 summer rolls and a shrimp roll and curry roll.

      really fresh - the sauce was really balanced and nice. the curry roll was surprisingly mild and balanced. the folks that run it are really sweet and personable and while the lemonade wasn't great, the vietnamese coffee smelled amazing- as it should.
      i turned them on to tasting - AND this is in front of JINYA Ramen- the shop Jonathan Gold just wrote as one of the best ramen shops in LA. double score!

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        Tao Truck Lemonade.

        I have seen poor reviews of the lemonade at the Tao Truck and I am really surprised because it is my favorite. Maybe you have to like ginger because I thought it was the best lemonade I had ever had. It is incredibly refreshing and last time I was there, I had two lemonades with my spring rolls. I just wish they would have the funnel cake during the day and, or maybe another dessert.

      2. i discovered the tao truck this afternoon just after my yoga class in studio city, and their shrimp summer roll and iced vietnamese coffee really hit the spot. fresh, tasty, friendly service ... today's location was in front of the office depot on ventura boulevard just east of eureka street. the website has been hacked (competition, anyone :-)?), so here's to hoping that they otherwise figure out a way to join the twitter/FB food truck confab online so that we know where to find them ... delicious! (hint: RT@coconutH2O)