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Jun 23, 2010 09:46 AM

Sik Gaek sunnyside has anyone been there?

just wondering if the food is same there compared to the one in flushing

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  1. Appears to be related to the one on Crocheron ...

    Sik Gaek
    49-11 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11104

    1. Yeah. It was good, totally enjoyed my experience there.

      It's been reviewed on Yelp as well:

      1. Loud atmosphere, featuring fresh seafood, but it is just not very good food. Been to both the one in Flushing and in Sunnyside now and had the same impression of both.

        1. I went there once about five years ago, it was okay a bit pricey from what I remember (but I think anything that costs more than $15-$20pp in the nabe is pricey, not including drinks).

          They replaced their awning with a new one recently and it looks much more attractive now. I think they also redid the exterior with new wood.

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          1. re: rhydewithdis

            I believe you are mistaking the old place that occupied that space, also a Korean restaurant, with the new Sik Gaek restaurant that is in there. You would know you are in Sik Gaek almost instantly. It has a young, in your face, sort of approach. From the greeting/good byes being hollered for every entry/exit of a patron, to the waiter’s very comfortable crouching while taking orders, the loud music, plus multiple waiters running to grab plates for delivery to a table as if it were a competition, and more. You may recognize the place from when David Chang and Anthony Bordain visited the Flushing outpost and ate live octopus among other dishes for a No Reservations episode.

            Sik Gaek
            40-01 149th Pl, Queens, NY 11354

            1. re: dhs

              You are right! I didn't go inside the new place and mistakenly thought they just updated their place.

              I'll make a go of it one of these days. So many options in my hood now, so little time!

          2. Have been there a bunch of times and LOVE it! Great new addition to the neighborhood. Very friendly staff, they grill the food right at the table. Always a fun time.