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fried chicken and mac @ Roscoes ckn n waffles ?

OK these are my 2 favorite things and my Birthday is Sat.
As a native of L.A. I have never been and thought hmmmm
Any feedback ?
Last year I treated myself and went to SAAM's @ the Bazzar mmmmmm

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  1. Nothing great, but you hear about it so much that it's one of those things that some folks have to try (often out-of-towners asking to go). FWIW, the H'wood location (church women in Sunday hats; fun ambiance) is nicer than the LA spot (greasy Denny's).

    These are a bit dated, but might help:
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    1. roscoes is meh in my book. the last time i went (@ 2yrs ago), the chicken pieces were so small i swore it was a pigeon.

      1. I took my family on my birthday last year. Just a fun time, something different

        1. Having recently been for the first time in several years, I was mostly unimpressed. The chicken was good, not great but good. The mac & cheese was not good at all. It was flavorless and mushy. The waffles are pretty good. The greens were good. Still, I think you can do a lot better in a lot of other places around town. Just look at the very long, regularly added to, thread on the best fried chicken in town.

          1. Panns

            Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
            6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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              I've never had the mac and cheese at Pann's but I feel like the Chicken and Waffles is just overall a different style... if someone wanted Roscoe's and I took them to Pann's, they'd be mad that it's not Roscoe's.

              That said I'd rather go to Pann's than Roscoe's. =)

              Anyway, I only like Roscoe's waffle. I'm not a big fan of their chicken. I usually get mac and cheese for the texture, since it's lacking in flavor IMO.

              Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
              6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

            2. Thanks Folks.
              Yeah the threads really did not seem so hot on Roscoe's so my decision is Breakfast/lunch of chicken and waffles.
              So going with no expectation except from a scolding from waistline.
              Living here all my life and never been so I'm gonna check it off my list.
              Thanks again
              Dinner somewhere else, Providence for the very least a drink at the bar and oyster's

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                Good for you! I think it's one of those things that (i) if you go with very low expectations, you might be pleasantly surprised and (ii) it's good to go, if just to satiate your curiosity (and you can now say you've been and contribute to future posts on Roscoe's). Have fun. =)

                1. re: johnnyshungry

                  I happen to like it. I always get the special with the three wings, smothered and the waffle cooked well done. I am not a fan of their mac n cheese, greens are passable. YUM!!! Happy birthday!

                2. Of course on the other hand you could try The Waffle in Hollywood. Of the many versions they offer, one is with fried chicken. http://www.thewaffle.us/Site/Home.html

                  The Waffle
                  6255 W Sunset Blvd Ste 105, Los Angeles, CA 90028

                  1. I've been going to Roscoe's for 25 years and for me it has always been good but never great. I think the chicken is good (again not great), and the waffles are better. The mac and cheese is boring. If you like grits, though, I would say that their grits are pretty tasty. They are quite generous with the butter.

                    1. They open at 8 a.m. so it's gonna be a heart attack breakfast.
                      chicken, waffles, mac, for me and I'll make someone else order grits HA!

                      1. I guess I must be the only guy here who likes Roscoe's mac'n'cheese. I know for a fact I'm the only one who ADORES it. Of course I also haven't had it in well over three years, so it could've gone to hell in the meantime, but it used to be like a rich gooey cheesy soufflé with perfectly overcooked pasta in it. Heaven...

                        Pann's mac'n'cheese is extremely good, and their chicken is so far superior to Roscoe's it might as well be a different species. Their waffles, however, are equally boring, but then I've never had a restaurant waffle I could get excited about. They need to be made with BUTTER and they need to be CRISP. Like Mom did'em.

                        Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
                        6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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                        1. re: Will Owen

                          boy would I kill for moms fried chicken and box of Kraft mac.
                          She would make it for me as a kid for special day's.
                          I look forward to sat. mac'n'cheese throw down

                        2. I've got to try Pann's! That being said, we have eaten at Roscoes as long as they've been open in Pasadena. It is inconsistent but I've never had a bad piece of chicken. Like one poster said, some of the pieces can be really skimpy especially the wings, which are my favorite and the drumsticks which the 11 year old likes. The puzzling thing is while I get skimpy wings, my husband gets huge breasts. Are they trying to tell me something? The mac 'n cheese is just like most people said, unremarkable and when it comes to the table luke warm well...what can I say. I love the greens and sometimes I really, really love the greens. Same goes for the smothered potatoes. I know the waffles are good but I've never ordered them as I'd much rather have the smothered potatoes or candied yams.

                          Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
                          6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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                          1. re: Fru

                            One time I made a show of trying to "find" the wings on my plate in front of the server (they were VERY anemic!) and I was rewarded with a nice, plump wing. Just ask - or make a big deal... they will usually bring you another one or two.

                            1. re: WildSwede

                              I'm not quite as dramatic rather I take the direct approach and tell them when I'm ordering. There is one server who was gone for a few years and is now back on a part time basis who would take it upon himself to increase the wings when he noticed how tiny they were.