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Food trucks in Miami/Dade,/ Broward and Palm Beach counties

I enjoy foods from the South, Carribean , Mexico, and other regions.

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  1. Miami has very few, but very good ones: GastroPodMiami (www.gastropodmiami.com) and Latin Burger and Taco Truck (www.latinburger.com), are two of the most prominent and popular.

    1. The Yellow Submarine food truck (www.yellowsubmarineonline.com) is amazing. They park on the corner of Kendall Drive and 147 from 8:30pm to 12:00am almost every night and they just started doing lunch service. They have a good size selection of sandwiches along with their yellow dog and yellow burger. The yellow burger and sunshine reggae sandwich are my go to favorites. Not only is the food good, but the guys that run are it are super cool.

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        Delray Beach on Atlantic and 441 - Great Mexican Taco Truck

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          This taco truck must be brand new...24 years and never saw it. Do they serve a variety of tacos? When is it open for business?

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            They have been around a LONG time, it is slightly west of 441 on Stalntic, They have a good selection of Tacos/Quesadilla's and other mexican fare, Lengua is on the menu(my favorite) Al Pastor is awesome, Carne, chicken, the standards, all fresh and tasty and cheap

      2. http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/06/24...

        this article on food trucks appeared in today's paper

        1. Who doesn't?

          I like Tacos al Carbon, SE corner of Lake Worth Ave and Military in PBC. YUM!

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            I agree Bafu, they are also really good, and they are open 24 hours which is great!

          2. In addition to those already mentioned ->

            A Chef's Burger

            Orale Taqueria
            (very good tacos, usually found at gas station on 27th Ave. and NW 17th St.


            La Camaronera (Cuban fish sandwiches) is close to having a truck up and running.

            I've seen a number of portable BBQ rigs out and about - once on 163rd St. between I-95 and Biscayne Blvd.; another on Bird Rd. near Red/Bird intersection.

            1. Add another to the list, Jefe's Original Fish Tacos and Burgers. Baja style fish tacos and In n Out style burgers. Definitely worth tracking down.


              1. http://www.therollingstove.com/

                I havent been yet but it looks pretty good. I think they are usually in delray and boynton.

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                  I have been there, and it is VERY good. Try the Jerk Chicken Sandwich, or their Burger is delicious also.

                2. Try Latin House Grill, they have a great burger and hands down the best tacos in town. They are a mix of Mexican,South LA and Miami all in one. The potatoes on top of the burgers and steak sandwiches (Flatons) are phenomenal. I have seen them on bird and 82, but I think they moved to 83rd.

                  Latin House Cafe
                  1871 NE 8th St, Homestead, FL 33033

                    1. Today I was at the taco truck on 441 and atlantic ave. I had tacos al pastor, very fresch, so tasty, jummy, burritos are also great

                      1. I recently attended several of the massive food truck gatherings. One after the Emerge Bike ride. Another near the Falls on Wednesday nights. The last the Tamiami Mother of all rallies, with 28 trucks.

                        I enjoyed the Miso Hungry Lettuce wraps, but was hungry afterward. Ms. Cheezious was good. Montaco was overpriced, skimpy, and bland. The Banh Mi Taco from the GastroPod was overrated with no flavor that even remotely tasted of anything Vietnamese. Very disappointing and expensive. Their burger was alright, but the homemade pickle was invisible and the chipotle mayo dollop so small that I had to shake my head. The Wing Commander's four sliders were much better.

                        The truck hype exceeds the quality; they are cool and enjoyable, but I can do much better by myself at home.

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                          Should have done Rolling Stove's Burger....probably one of the best I have had in Florida, because he grinds bacon into the meat he can not cook to order, I am a med rare to rare type of guy, but I dont care with that burger, its so damn good.