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Jun 23, 2010 08:05 AM

food at JFK airport

My daughter will be spending a couple of hours at JFK airport on her way to Italy from California. Please give me your recs for a good place to eat in the airport. TIA.

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  1. At the actual airport? The only chow-worthy options are in Terminal 5 - JetBlue's new terminal.

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    1. re: chow_gal

      What's chow-worthy in Terminal 5? I will be buying my dinner in the terminal to carry onto the plane, and won't be eating it until several hours later on my cross country flight.

      I found this link on the JetBlue page but don't know anything about the restos.

      Recs for JetBlue's LAX terminal also needed. Thanks in advance.

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        I have heard that this is the case.. However, i have been to a couple of restaurants there, most recently the Steakhouse and found it all to be not so great.. I think a lot of the new restaurants share one kitchen and the food seemed to be very mediocre..

        Has anyone had a very nice meal at JFK Jet Blue Terminal?

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          I don't think anyone can expect much at JFK... I've had some OK smoked salmon on toast points at Vino Volo at Terminal 8 (AA). Check here for their full menu:

          They're an airport winebar chain.

        1. re: Noodle fanatic

          She flew Delta today but has left for Rome already. Thanks Noodle for offering to help anyway.

        2. DH and I are flying out of Delta Terminal 3 tomorrow. In anticipation of the great security demonstration of 2010, we're getting there THREE HOURS EARLY!

          I see that there is a Balducci's in the food court in Terminal 3 - what's that? Bakery/Panini? Does Balducci's even have enough of a prepared line to offer?

          Should I bring in, or chance it at the airport?

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            Again, sorry for the late reply. I flew Delta earlier last month and Balducci's seemed to be the best choice available there. I picked up horribly overpriced Wendy's food for my father (at his request) and a premade sandwich from Balducci's for myself. Dad was jealous. The ficelle looked small but I had trouble finishing the whole thing. Taste was pretty good, especially since I was jonesing for Italian. Brilliant? Hardly. But pretty acceptable for an airport. I won't even begin to discuss the prices, though...

          2. I found this thread while looking for dining options in JFK, and the gist I'm getting is that I should leave the airport for food if possible.

            My question, then, is this: Do I have time to leave the airport with a 3-hour layover? I land in JFK Terminal 8 at 6:05pm on a Friday, then have an international flight leaving at 9:25pm. Is it reasonable to take a taxi or public transit to something nearby, such as Singh's Roti Shop? And if so, any other recommendations for good quick-service places? I would particularly like to try some ethnic food that is hard to find elsewhere in the U.S., which is why the Guyana/Suriname ideas appealed to me.

            Thanks in advance.

            Singh's Roti Shop
            131-18 Liberty Ave, Queens, NY 11419

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            1. re: the mess

              With no traffic you can be in Ozone Park, or S Ozone Park in 15-20 minutes. However, you can't hail a cab back, you need a radio cab from OP to the airport. Forget mass transit.

              1. re: the mess

                Even if you landed on time, it's pushing it, because you have to be back at least by 8:15pm to get through security and be able to board which would probably begin at 8:50pm--It's pushing it---there can sometimes be very bad traffic on friday night on the expressway from JFK--maybe if you got off right away and then took local roads or stayed on the service road---not sure---
                Also, you can stand in the line waiting for a cab for a long time also--you might be better off to go upstairs and grab a cab from someone pulling into departures than wait in the arrivals cab line---if you wanted to pre-arrange a car service to meet you, they will check on your flight time and then you call them when you get in and they'll be there in a few minutes..I like Carmel they have always been dependable and drive safely with me---I think it all depends on when you get in--if you get in exactly on time, then yeah, you could hopefully get there within 30 minutes, and then eat for an hour and go back--maybe treat your cab driver to a meal and he'll wait for you!