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Jun 23, 2010 07:26 AM

Crate & Barrel tin-lined copper cookware?

Hi! I'm new here but have been a lurker for a while, and I have a question regarding some cookware I'm thinking about buying. We have been looking to purchase some copper cookware for a while now - generally looking at Mauviel. We currently have a mix of Le Creuset and a few pieces of Magnalite Pro, vintage Magnalite aluminum, some restaurant aluminum, and some Calphalon Commercial.

I have been offered a large set of tin-lined copper cookware with brass handles. I have not seen the pieces in person, only photos. The only marks are a set of stamps near the handles, one that says "Crate and Barrel" and one "Made in France." This is a large set for a very good price, but she has no clue when or where it was purchased, it was a gift. It was rarely if ever used and hung on a pot rack as decoration. I checked the C&B website and it appears the only copper they sell now is the Calphalon tri-ply stuff, and googling didn't yield any results other than 1 person selling a very worn 3-piece set of the same tin-lined stuff on ebay.

Does anyone know who may have made this set, and thoughts on what the quality level is? It is perhaps Mauviel or Baumalu? Is it worth purchasing?


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  1. I don't think it would be Muviel or Baumalu just because there is no reason to ease their logo from a business point of view. I know Crate and Barrel is known to direct import lesser known oversea cookware and market them under its brand, so I expect these are made by relatively unknown company. This does not mean they are of poor quality at all. Sorry, I cannot help you more on this.

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      Hmm... I know that for the longest time, the Mauviel sold at dehillerin and Williams-Sonoma (and other stores) was not marked with a brand name other than the store name and "made in France", so I guess I was hoping someone would know for sure.

    2. I recommend asking your friend to measure the thickness of the copper. If it's of adequate thickness (generally 2.5M) then you should be OK. Also, the handles are what, bronze? Double check whether or not those are oven-proof.

      1. The large stock pot appears to be 11" x 11" and of very high quality, probably Mauviel or Dehillerin. I would buy it if I were you. If you don't want it, I would love to buy it. Just message me.

        The other pots look like they are for presentation purposes based on the type of handles. The relatively lightweight brass handles are the dead giveaway. The copper on those is likely 1 mm. They look pretty, but aren't very useful to cook in.

        1. If you can go to a store that has a good 2.5mm copper set and lift comparable pans and compare weights. A 2.5mm copper pan is remarkably heavy. If they aren't heavy, they are much thinner and won't conduct heat the way a 2.5mm pan does. Remember, size does matter.

          1. Hi,
            I recently purchased a large set of Crate and Barrel tin lined copper pots and wrote to Crate and Barrel Customer service to find out who made them. Virginia S. of Crate and Barrel Customer service said that they handled a set made by Mauviel for a time but no longer carries them. You're lucky that your prospective set was rarely used, mine are nice but some need retinning. So, hope that helps to answer your question. By the way, I looked at the Mauviel website and they handle very few copper pans with tin lining from what I could least on the site where I was browsing, perhaps they have another line elsewhere. I'm not an expert by any means on copper pots but these seem fairly heavy and substantial. Karen M.

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              Hi Karen, I love tin lined copper cookware. Re-tinning can be prohobitively expensive. If you decide to let go of them due to cost (or weight!), I would be happy to buy them from you at a fair price. My email is quddus
              best regards!