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Jun 23, 2010 07:00 AM

More affordable Lobster and Lobster rolls in NJ

Working in NYC, ive been exposed to good (and expensive) lobster rolls. Maybe its a trend that they are flourishing everywhere, but im hooked (no pun intended). Are there any decent and affordable places I can get them? Particularly north NJ or even the shore area.

Another option is buying the lobster myself, preferably cooked, but the supermarket variety is somewhat under-par. Are there any places I can get decent ready to sell cooked lobster?

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  1. unless you have access to a wholesale seafood outlet, purchasing *cheap* lobster is not going to be easy. Your only avenue may be the supermarkets....and when lobsters go on sale. I really do not understand your comment of ...".but the supermarket variety is somewhat under-par. " There are no magic lobsters that I know of. Almost all supermarkets have seafood departments and live tanks for fresh Maine/Canadian lobsters and the will steam them for free is asked.

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      There I changed the title to "more affordable" or maybe "cheaper than an arm and a leg" is better:)

    2. I'd agree with fourunder. My local Acme has a live tank and will steam lobsters for free. In fact, this week lobsters are $5.99/lb. I've often called ahead and ordered them steamed so they are ready to go when I get to the store. No complaints with the quality either.

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        If you do a search for Chinese Markets, their seafood prices are generally better than their Asian counterparts or competitors, such as H-Mart.

      2. Definately go with making them yourself. I usuall try to buy a 3-6 pound lobster. The amount of meat you get from the big ones is amazing. I make "hot" buttered lobster rolls for my family. Is that the kind you are hooked on or the New England style lobster salad rolls?

        1. Visit Point Lobster if you are in the shore area as they are one of the leading suppliers to
          restaurants and stores in the tri-state area. They sell retail in their store in Point Pleasant.
          I purchased cooked lobster meat last week for $24 a pound and it was delicious.

          If you want live whole lobster they have !/2 pound up to 4 or 5 pounds. Additionally, their other fish is right off the boat and very fairly priced for example sushi grade tuna at $9.95
          a pound.

          Take a look but the web site seems to be incomplete:

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            If you want live whole lobster they have !/2 pound.....

            I would think half pound lobsters would be illegal to trap for a commercial fisherman

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              Does "!/2" mean "Half Excited?" :-)

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                I think a U-4 shrimp is bigger.....

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              LOVE Point Lobster. In fact, I will be stopping there on Friday. If you love scallops, they have day boat (dry) scallops and they are about the best I've ever had. Everything I have ever purchased there has been incredibly fresh.

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                Shop-Rite $5.99 last week and I believe this week as well. Took them live and cooked them at home, they were wonderful!