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Jun 23, 2010 06:52 AM

HELP ASAP...My daughter is in France for just 2 more nites..need great (not expensive) dinner ideas

Hi Chowhounds
My daughter is in Paris for just 2 more nites. She is just graduated from high school, so the budget is small.

Can you recommend a few great great restauraunts for them. Nothing adventurous, just fabulous food and charming ambiance. Hurry its almost dinnertime in Paris as i type.

She is staying in the Marais but those girls will go anywhere for great food

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  1. Calm down, Thérèse, it is now 4pm in Paris. I wouldn't call it "almost dinnertime".
    Within walking distance is Chez Omar, nice couscous in a fun ambiance.
    The girls should get there before 7:45pm in order to get a table. After that, one must queue until a table is freed. 47 Rue de Bretagne
    Chez Paul in Bastille has good food and fun vibes too. Better book now. 13 Rue de Charonne, 01 47 00 34 57‎

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      you're right...but i'm off to work so this is my first and only chance to help them...thank you so much for the quick response and great ideas! i have passed them on to them

    2. Try Au Pied de Cochon on the Right Bank. It has the best onion soup in Paris! Not sure of the arrondissment. check it out.

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      1. re: La Petite Gourmette

        The OP specified small budget. Pied de C serves rather pricey tourist food.

      2. Chez Marianne
        4th / 2 rue des Hospitaliers St-Gervais (St-Paul)
        Wonderful Mideastern Food. You can build your own combo plate as large or as small as you like from over two dozen choices like fresh eggplant, tuna, cheeses, assorted meats and other tasty treats. Great outdoor dining. So good we ate there 4 times. Price about 15 euros. Can be very busy at times. A true bargain.

        1. I just came back from Paris! These were all wonderful:

          Le Tastevin... this is on the small Island behind Notre Dame in the Seine. It is a small family owned place, reasonable, with a set menu if you like, and excellent food. Just lovely. I've been twice. And it is lovely to walk there on a nice summer night:

          Allard: we had a divine lunch here. Set menu, reasonable, amazing coq a vin and the string bean salad to start was incredible, as was the frisee salad. Perfect first french bisto meal:

          Fish... this was recommended by a very famous chef and it did not disappoint. Not fancy, very comfortable, laid back and great service. Wonderful food:

          Le Grand Cafe... open 24 hours, very nice, we walked in not knowing anything about it and had a well over 2 hour, amazing lunch. Would be good any time of the day. Ity is right by the opera house:

          Le Grand Colbert:

          This is where Diane Keaton, Keanu and Jack ate at the end of SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE. We had a terrific meal there. Split the steak for two and it was awesome.

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          1. re: Tom P

            thanks so much...if you had to pick one and were on a budget which is "the one" not to miss?

            1. re: 1900Therese

              Originally, the conditions were "Nothing adventurous, just fabulous food and charming ambiance".
              If you add not-to-be-missed as condition, it changes everything.
              The budget restos that I had recommended are nice eateries where one has a chance of getting a table without reservation (and already Chez Paul should be booked ahead), since you say it is your daughter's last 2 days in Paris.
              If a place is not to be missed, you can't truly expect to just walk in, especially when your reference of "those girls" seems to indicate a group, and not just one or two prsons.
              Or if they are willing to try to queue at one of the Christian Constant places...

              1. re: Parigi

                They're not to be missed? We're talking about Christian Constant the chef? Really?

                1. re: souphie

                  Totally agreed, Soup. In fact at the last minute I had deleted a sentence about the not-to-be-missability of the Constantoids.
                  Once I had to miss a Spring dinner because of a last-minute trip to SF. I just about cried. Would not have cried or say a minior expletive for any Constant.
                  Well, you try it. How would you have answered this impossible request?

                  1. re: Parigi

                    You know me: if I'm on a budget, I buy extraordinary vegetables and some very fat, very cheap protein like mackerel or bone marrow and cook it at home or on a camping burner. Alternatively, I'd raid a good cheap bakery like Julien or Pichard. Or head to Chinatown and have a Likafo or even a Pho 14 feast. I believe the notion of excellent food, not-to-be missed, for a dirt cheap price is a romantic dream constructed by the NYT and the likes.

                    That said, if I want to have an extraordinary meal in a restaurant at the best possible price, I'd do what you'd do: Chez l'Ami Jean, A La Carte. Lunch at Le Cinq or Ledoyen are the other possibilities for truly excellent food at the lowest possible price.

                    But that's about it. Great French Food is frickin' expensive. Those who want great every day food should go to Italy. Hell, I'm thinking of moving to Naples.

          2. I hate repeating this but.,..................................
            7.0 Frenchie, 5, rue du Nil in the 2nd, 01 40 39 96 19, closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesday lunch, “menus” at lunch at 16 for 2 dishes and 19 € for three - dinner menus for 27 or 33 €. (Bill = 31.20) Currently nigh impossible to get a rez.

            6.8 Le P'tit Caillou, 2 rue Maleville in the 8th,, closed weekends and Monday nights, with lunch formulas at 22 (2 courses) and 25 (for 3), a la carte 41-51 E (Bill = 47.50 E)

            6.5 Le Charbon Rouge, 25, rue Marbeuf in the 8th,, open 7/7 with a plat du jour at 15, forced, 3-course menu at 23,50 (salmon) and a la carte about 40-50 E (Bill = 43.30 E)

            6.5 L'Agrume, 15, rue des Fosses Saint-Marcel in the 5th,, closed Sunday and Monday night, with a daily special costing 11, lunch formula at 16 and a la carte 35 (Bill = 30 E)

            6.4 Chez Grenouille, 52, rue Blanche in the 9th,, closed Saturday lunch and Sundays, lunch menus at 15 and 25 and a 40 E carte. (Bill = 49.25 E)

            6.2 Le Marcab, 225, rue de Vaugirard in the 15th,, open 7/7, has a confusing set of menus for 16, 25 and 35 € (Bill = 34.70 E)

            6.0 Le Reminet, 3, rue des Grands-Degres in the 5th,, now open 7/7, lunch menu 14 € except weekends, a la carte 40-50 €, (Bill = 38.50 E)

            5.8 Aux Provinces, 37, rue Cambronne in the 15th,, closed Saturday lunch and bottles of wine for a most reasonable price plus 8 E corkage, two dishes are 18 and three 24 E (Bill = 40 E)

            5.8 Les Petits Plats, 39, rue des Plantes in the 14th,, closed Sundays, lunch formula 15 and evening 32, a la carte 25-35 € (Bill = 31.50 E)

            5.8 Le Restaurant, 42-44 rue d'Assas in the 6th,, closed Saturday lunch and Sunday night, has a lunch menu at 18 and a la carte 30-35 €. (Bill = 43 E)

            5.8 Le Bouchon et l'Assiette, 127, rue Cardinet in the 17th, closed Sunday and Mondays, has a 3-course "menu" at 33 E on weekdays but three courses anytime are only 36 E anyway. (Bill = 39 E)

            5.5 Le Gaigne, 12, rue Pecquay in the 4th,, closed Tuesday, menus are 16 and 22 and wines begin at 14 €. (Bill = 42 €)

            5.5 La Gazzetta, coordinates well-known, in the 12th, 5 courses for 38 and 7 for 50 € (16 and 19 € at lunch) (Bill = 35.75 E)

            5.5 L'Alchimie, 34, rue Letellier in the 15th,, closed Sundays and Mondays, menus 23 and 28, a la carte 35 E (Bill = 40.50 E)

            4.5 23 Clauzel at the same address in the 9th where 3 quite acceptable courses are 18.50 and a half-liter of acceptable Bordeaux was 14.50 E. (Bill = 28.15)