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Jun 23, 2010 06:40 AM

Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Food


It looks like a sure thing that we'll be booking an all-inclusive in the Nuevo Vallarta area of Puerto Vallarta. The in-laws are getting older and just want to stay put.

I'm aware of the dining choices in Bucerias and certainly plan to get some meals there, but since we'll be paying All inclusive prices, I want our food to be great too!

Any advice on food in Nuevo area? Theres a few other factors (my kid is 7 so we need a great pool, and of course we want a nice beach).

But if someone can make a hands down recommendation for a place anywhere in the Puerto Vallarta area (in town, south of town, etc) that has all the factors I mentioned, I can make a case to the family for booking that.


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  1. Hola!

    If you might want to consider being in Old Town (the Romantic Zone), you could try the San Marino Hotel. It's an all-inclusive, but the food is not good. Their breakfasts aren't bad, you can't go wrong with eggs. BUT the location is fantastic, right in the middle of all the lovely, and very inexpensive restaurants in that area. Alot of elderly people stay in that area and have no problem getting around. You meet lots of nice people that way, and can try different foods every night.

    1. Considering the conditions you've outlined for your in-laws and son i think your selection of Nuevo Vallarta is better than downtown PV. As usual the best all inclusives are the most expensive with the Grand Velas probably at the top of the list in that area. But you should check Trip Advisor for more input.
      There are now a few new restaurants including Porto Bello (from the Marina), Prime 159, Quixote's Tapas so there is a little more choice outside the hotels.

      1. I would treat yourself to Cafe des Artistes. I would also stop at El Panorama and have a drink and an appetizer as the view is amazing from there. The Marina has lots of different restaurants and is kinda fun to visit.

        1. We have been staying @ the Playa Los Arcos Hotel in Old Town...the best location in PV that we've experienced, and the all-inclusive is fabulous. The food is excellent and we are very picky about that. Real grandmothers cooking back there...I'm a native Spanish speaker and have taken the time to ask about the food. Fresh wonderful juices in the morning, mexican and american breakfast items, cereal both hot and cold, fresh fruit, eggs, omelets, wonderful coffee. Then there is a snack menu before lunch with club sandwiches, hamburgers, and mexican fare as well, then lunch is set up again wonderful in a beautiful restaurant steps from the beach, everything is open and the fresh breeze is phenomenal. We've met many seniors and many visitors from all over the planet. The pools are fantastic for the kids and adults. Service is peerless. The hotel is a little worn but more than makes up for it in cleanliness and a great work ethic and attitude from the front desk to the maid service. We are returning in Jan 2011 for 10 days and booked the Master Bedroom suite and counting the days!!! Right outside the lobby is all of Old Town with many shops, restaurants etc. Hope this helps, have fun no matter where you stay!

          1. Please let me know what you decide. We are planning a similar trip.