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Jun 23, 2010 03:07 AM

DUSTY'S ........park ave & montreal royal

Drove buy Dusty's the other day.......all dark and boarded up.Have they closed?Anyone know ?

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  1. Yes they have. It was discussed in the Restaurant Closings thread.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      There have been rumblings of a re-opening under new ownership.

      1. re: Mr F

        There was one post in the Restaurant Closing thread, that said same place, same owner(place getting refreshed before re-opening). So the owner changed his mind, about closing it for good?

      1. re: 1963

        And...after having stripped the place of any and all character, tweaking the menu, and changing the entire vibe of the place, it now feels like someone died in there. Sterile, eerily solemn...just really strange.

        I went there one afternoon over the summer with some friends; I was hungry and they weren't. They got coffee, I got a sandwich. They got their bill, paid and left - I lingered a bit. When I went up to pay, the cashier made a huge deal about how my friends had gotten "refills" on their coffees but hadn't paid for them. I was like, WHAT? I offered to cover it, but they said don't bother, just tell your friends if they ever come back here that it's not free. (Really?)

        I wanted to give it another chance, so last week tried to go there for breakfast. Walked in and saw that it was totally empty, no one at the cash, no one visible in the kitchen, no one drinking coffee or reading the paper or was just too eerie so I did an about-face and went next door and got a (delicious) breakfast pie at TA instead.

        I also noticed Dusty's had a sign up saying they would no longer honor coupons from the Entertainment Book. I thought to myself, really? You're gonna turn away business? Good luck guys...

        I feel really bad about this - apparently the new people running it are actually renting it from the previous owner, who wishes them the best and really wants to see them succeed. They just appear to have no clue what they're doing and seem to have ruined a really great place in the process. Sad sad. :-(

      2. I haven't been in since the change, but I walk by every weekday on the way home from work. It's dark some days. At least once I've seen it open with staff. Half the lights on today, but no people (employees or customers) visible inside.
        It used to be a decent place that needed to improve it's coffee, and the wait staff were amateur hour which was OK until the inevitable spilled beverage.
        Park Ave just doesn't have it. It's ugly.

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        1. re: extrabrocolli

          Cant go wrong with Dusty's. The coffee sucks but everything else is perfect. Two words: buckwheat pancakes!