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Best plate of Fish and Chips

in Diego?

Been having a craving and all I can seem to find recs for is Shakespeare Pub. Where can you send me?

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  1. Oceanaire has (d) good ones, but that's like going to Addison for a burrito. Mrs Fake had them at Bankers Hill and enjoyed them. Point Loma Seafood's are fairly typical, like anything else there, and therefore enjoyable. Bay Park's are pretty good, too.

    Point Loma Seafoods
    2805 Emerson St, San Diego, CA 92106

    San DIego, CA, San DIego, CA

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    1. re: Fake Name

      Next time I see her, I'm going to call her Mrs. Fake and see how she likes it ;)

    2. Shakespeare's are very good, also Jayne's Gastropub and Ritual Tavern. I'd go with Ritual.

      Ritual Tavern
      4095 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

      1. love love love the fish n'chips at O' Sullivan's on Grand in Escondido.
        Harbor Fish Cafe in Carlsbad on the beachside has excellent fish n' chips too but the service is sketch.

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          I was surprised how good they were at the Harbor House cafe. That's my go to place now. Open air near the beach; I can deal with less that stellar service as long as the service is pleasant and my fish arrives hot and that's always been the case. Dang, now I'm craving some.

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            Oops my mistake, I called the restaurant, by the wrong name. I was referring to the Harbor Fish Cafe in Carlsbad that Beach Chick mentioned NOT harbor house in Oceanside.

            Harbor Fish Cafe
            3179 Carlsbad Blvd Ste B, Carlsbad, CA 92008

        2. The ones at Small Bar were delicious.

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            You are spot on, the Small Bar makes the best fish and chips. I wanted to like them at Jaynes GAstro Pup, but they use Sea Bass which easily dries out. Cod is the best way to go, it is a strurdy fish and it is rich in oil, which helps it to retain it moisture through the cooking process. And at SMALL, you can get some great beer.

          2. The Fish Market's (solana beach) aren't bad, but at the risk of sounding like some other posters on this board I would say that there are lots that are good but none great. For great fish n' chips head up the 5 to the 405 and get yourself to the Kings Head in Santa Monica for the best fish and chips.

            1. Chef John's Fish & Chips in Lemon Grove. Easily my favorite place for fish and chips in SD.

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                My husband, who grew up in Seattle sampling a lot of fish and chips, thinks that Bay Park Fish Co has the best in this area. He also recently had them at Ritual Tavern, but still likes Bay Park's version better.

                Bay Park Fish Co
                4121 Ashton St, San Diego, CA 92110

                Ritual Tavern
                4095 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

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                  I love the "fish" at Ritual Tavern. But find the "chip" part overly limp and oily. Which I guess is OK as I really don't need the chips in the first place.

                  My first fish and chips was at Leo Burdock's in Ireland, which kinda spoiled me for everything that came after,..

                  Ritual Tavern
                  4095 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

                  1. re: Ewilensky

                    I've eaten at Leo Burdock's. No place I've tried them compares.

                  2. re: carli

                    Bay Park's are OK, but you have to deal with service, which is very slow due to the inattentive waitstaff. Even when the place is empty it seems like we have to wait 5-10 minutes just to get a table, or worse yet, when we're buying fish from the counter to cook at home. I can run into Siesel's meats, pick up 2-3 different meats from the butcher counter, wait in the checking line, and when I get back to the restaurant my wife is still waiting for some service.

                    1. re: ikeg

                      Yeah I know what you mean. I enjoyed the ceviche there, but our waiter was an idiot. We wanted to stop in for a happy hour snack and beer since we were picking up some steaks at Seisel's, and got there at 4:45 (happy hour ends at 5). No acknowledgment of our presence until our waiter finally shows up at 4:55, and then acts like he did us a big favor by getting our order in in time for happy hour (i.e. if he got it in a minute or two later, they would have charged us full price). We were there in plenty of time for happy hour, you're the slow one, why would we pay for that?

                2. I really like the southern style fried catfish and chips at Huffman's Barbeque.

                  1. Hard to believe but La Mesa's own Beef and Bun on Fletcher Parkway has darn good fish and Chips..unfortunately no beer to go with but really worth a try

                    1. Patrick's Irish Pub in Poway offers a pretty dang tasty fish and chips with a really yummy lemon aioli on the side. A full order is TOO big for me, so I usually go with a half order. They've got a pretty decent selection of other pub food (sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pasties), along with the appropriate HP Brown Sauce.

                      Patrick's Irish Pub
                      13314 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064

                      1. Studio Diner..

                        Studio Diner
                        4705 Ruffin Rd, San Diego, CA 92123

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                          I ordered the fish & chips at Studio - it's massive. It was tasty but I much prefer smaller pieces of fish than the huge slab (that got gooey with time) of fish they serve.

                          1. re: Gormstone

                            Not sure what got into me, but last night I was in the area and had comfort food on my mind. Never having been into Studio Diner I thought I'd give it a whirl. The reviews seem to make it out to be a "can't go wrong" kind of place, so I figured I'd do well.

                            I have to admit I was worried as soon as I saw all of the theme styling; it screamed "concept restaurant", all bark and no bite.

                            I sat down and ordered the Tortilla Soup - they were out of the Clam Chowder and the waitress recommended it, though the ethnic component screamed to me that that was a mistake - and the Fish and Chips.

                            The Tortilla Soup was a fail - an oddly sweet tomato broth turned me off right away - I was expecting a chicken broth base, with small and insignificant tortilla strips and a total lack of complexity to the broth.

                            But the Fish and Chips was even worse. No flavor whatsoever - bland, bland, bland. The taste and texture of the fish had me thinking that it was probably frozen, though I can't be certain. The beer batter coating didn't contribute much other than a very nice color, and the only thing on the plate which had any kind of flavor to it was the tartar sauce. I recall thinking that I have just been served a big plate of denatured protein with tartar sauce on it.

                            It all was incredibly boring to eat and I picked my way through half of it before I called Uncle and asked for the check.

                            It may be an unfair criticism coming from a first time diner, but my impression from last night's visit was that it was all about huge portions, an in-your-face themed menu, and not much else.

                            Studio Diner
                            4705 Ruffin Rd, San Diego, CA 92123

                            1. re: cgfan

                              Well, at least you got a lot!

                              Ugh. I remember being there on a Friday night and looking over at another booth and seeing that big overflowing piece of fish and thinking no way would I want all that. And I can EAT!

                              Is there any love for the Karl Strauss beer battered fish? I could imagine it being pretty good.

                              1. re: cgfan

                                Studio Diner is good for a patty melt which they do very well..

                                Fish n' Chips that have been really good are at O'Sullivan's Pub in Esco on Grand and also, Harbor Reef..think that's the name in Carlsbad..its super casual on the oceanfront..

                                Nothing like the Pubs in London or Sydney for their fab Fish n' chips!

                                1. re: Beach Chick

                                  I was wondering if I should refer to you, BC... I must admit as I scanned the menu I was looking for the Patty Melt and thinking "approved by BC"... But I never ordered a Patty Melt in my life anywhere (I probably don't realize what I'm missing...) and wasn't about to pick something that I wasn't familiar with.

                                  ...and what else are they known for, at least amongst CH'ers?

                                  1. re: cgfan

                                    hey cg..
                                    I only eat a burger once a year if that and when I do it's either a patty melt or a double double with grilled onions and extra thousand..
                                    I must say that the PM is excellent at Studio..and BC approved!
                                    I've heard that their fried clams are excellent..

                                    I make my own killer vegan garden burger patty melt that is off the chain..

                                    1. re: Beach Chick

                                      I didn't even realize that a Patty Melt's a burger! I thought it was just melted cheese on toast, but I guess that's where the "Patty" comes from. (What sets it apart from a regular cheeseburger - that it's served on toast vs. buns?)

                                      1. re: cgfan

                                        It's a grilled burger patty served on rye with grilled onions and a couple slices of cheese..usually swiss or cheddar and I like it with gobbs of thousand to hide the meat taste..
                                        Grill that bad boy up like a grilled cheese sandwich and its this gooey cheese bomb of heaven..

                                        The vegan garden burger is so frigging good cg!


                                        The photo is from Studio Diner NOT Longhorn's

                                    2. re: cgfan

                                      Lobster Rolls. A bit spendy at $22, though...

                                    3. re: Beach Chick

                                      BC the place in Carlsbad is Harbor Fish Cafe. The name is so generic I also frequently forget it. I like that place too, especially on a sunny afternoon. However last time I was there the fish was unusually thin and not so good. It was close to closing so I wonder if they were just running low. I'll try it again, but will stick to lunch time. Hate it when go to spots go to hell.

                                      Never had fish and chips at the Studio Diner, but I think the food has gone down hill big time. Had some really tasty sandwiches when they first opened, but the reuben I had there a few weeks ago was the worst.

                                    4. re: cgfan

                                      re: fish and chips...eeww. I wonder if Trader Joe's frozen battered fish are better than what you had!

                                      1. re: cgfan

                                        Most likely F&C's were frozen.

                                        1. re: cgfan

                                          Agree completely with your comments regarding Studio Diner. The place reminds me a lot of the Corvette Diner in Hillcrest which was equally as mediocre. I went there once and had the club sandwich. Everything was very dry and bland. I had to slather on the mayo to get any flavor at all.

                                          It seems this is another typical american quantity over quality place. They seemed to have spent all of their time worrying about the decorations and none on actually making the food good.

                                          Sad that Food Network would hype a very overrated place like this.

                                          Studio Diner
                                          4705 Ruffin Rd, San Diego, CA 92123

                                          1. re: mliew

                                            I don't know how long ago you were there, but...the chef that was doing the food when DDD featured them was laid off when the economy tanked. The guy that actually was doing the food that got them on DDD in the first place has been gone for about 3 years.

                                            I have no idea if it was good, bad or indifferent back then, just sayin' that what they were doing when featured is probably not what they're doing now even if the menu is the same or very similar. Cooks have a way of putting their own spin on, or personalizing a recipe that others either can't or don't want to reproduce. May or may not be the case here.

                                            1. re: DiningDiva

                                              It was probably between 1-2 years ago, so must have been without the original chef.

                                      2. Banker's Hill Restaurant fish & chips is very good- though I got it w/ their truffle fries.

                                        1. I had a GREAT fish & chips special at Blueprint Cafe for lunch yesterday.

                                          A little upscale- quality fish, nice breading and perfectly cooked, so it would have been shameful to wrap in in the Daily Mail- just not it's position in life.

                                          But flavorful and excellent. And their fries are consistently good as well. The slaw was interesting, housemade and also top-notch.

                                          My buddy's burger looked a treat as well.

                                          1. Churchill's in San Marcos across from Restaurant Row is the best and most authentic. Plus they have about 50 very well-selected beers on tap and many more unique beers in bottles. Plus they have a quick rotation so every time you go in the beer menu is new. Maybe I'm reviewing the beers and not the F+C...but their F+C is damn good. Plus they have a new super hottie server...

                                            1. I'm surprised no one mentioned Proper Gastropub. It's part of the Wine Steal's family and by Petco Park, right across the sidewalk from El Vitral. Shakespeare is a second for me. The fish and chips from Jimmy's Famous American Tavern were a huge disappointment, BTW. Although, I guess that's most places.

                                              El Vitral Restaurant
                                              815 J Ave, San Diego, CA 92118

                                              Jimmy's Famous American Tavern
                                              4990 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

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                                              1. re: Granite

                                                Granite couldn't agree more about Jimmy's Famous. Awful. Cut in to one and the fish slid out of the batter.

                                                1. re: Island

                                                  That's about as despicable as frying up salmon for 'fish and chips.'

                                                  Yeah, I thought the price and portion were off... but most of all, what makes this dish a success or a disaster is in fact the batter. Hey now!

                                              2. I'm surprised by no mentions of the tin fish. I love breaded (Seattle style) way better than battered(greasy English style). Every time I go down town for a game I have to stop at Tin FIsh for fish and chips. Not by a longshot my favorite chips but the fish is awesome. Halibut is magic when fried.

                                                As to Harbor up in Carlsbad/Oceanside, If you like frozen whitefish that has never seen California until it arrives in a big frozen box... I will stop my self right here... No I can't, why on God's green earth would you put a fish and chips place right next to fishing boats and not EVER offer any local fresh fish??????????

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                                                1. re: SeanT

                                                  Sean thanks to your post I realized I called the Harbor Fish Cafe in Carlsbad by the wrong name in my original post. It's not on a pier, near fishing boats or in Oceanside. I guess using Harbor in the name is pretty generic. 2 in Oceanside with that in their name and sounds like it's a good idea to steer clear.

                                                  I'm in the mood for some today and will try a place recommended in this thread depending on what part of town we end up.

                                                  Harbor Fish Cafe
                                                  3179 Carlsbad Blvd Ste B, Carlsbad, CA 92008

                                                2. The Fishery. Fried cod and chips. Chips are so-so. The cod tastes like cod, is battered and divine. Ten bucks.

                                                  1. Jayne's Gastropub does delicious fish and chips!