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Jun 22, 2010 07:37 PM

Food Love..what's yours in SD?

For me, it's a guacamole taco at Las Cuatro Milpas with their hot salsa and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.
Turkey/Cheddar on rye at the LJ Cheese Shop..beach it.
Cheeseburger with fries at Cheer's.
Mussel Bisque en croute at Dobson's.
Fish Tacos at Bahia's in Bird Rock with a cold Pacifico on the back patio watching the sets roll in.
Late breakfast at the outside corner table ocean/patio at La V.
Fresh corn at Chino's.
Tofu dumplings at Dumpling Inn with lots of chile sauce.
Couple of gobernador's at Marisco's German and a cold one in a paper bag from the liquor store.
Bucket of mussel's/chowder/oysters at the oyster bar at the Fish Market downtown.
App's and Marg's at Hacienda de Vega next to the waterfall outside patio.
Patty Melt at Longhorn's.

I'll think of some more..
; )

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  1. - heavenly arame salad from Jimbo's in Carmel Valley (but not Carlsbad - they don't make it right)
    - peanut butter gelato from Bubby's in Encinitas
    - portobello omelet at Americana in Del Mar (preferably eaten in one of the ocean-view outdoor booths on the 15th street side)
    - protein roll at Station Sushi in Solana Beach
    - la coppa gelatissimo (gelato sundae) at Trattoria Acqua in La Jolla cove
    - sampling my way through the Sunday Hillcrest farmers' market
    - a few items from the deli counter at Cardiff Seaside Market & a bottle of wine, enjoyed on a beach towel at sunset
    - coffee or tea at Pannikin in Encinitas

    i'm sure there are more.

    1. Ah...table #1 at La V terrace.

      1. corn, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, French melons, watermelons and lettuces from Chino Farms
        any cheese from Venissimo
        gobo root salad at Okan
        Ozanza noodles at Okan (basically, anything at Okan)
        omakase at Kaito
        beignets and potatoes w/ caramelized shallots at Cavaillon
        spicy miso nabemono at Oton
        stir fried chilies w/ chicken at Dede's
        chevre and black pepper bonbon from Chuao
        spicy hot chocolate made w/ milk from Chuao
        mashed potato tacos at Mama Testa's
        anything from Copper Chimney truck
        dry potato curry from Surati Farsan Mart
        shrikand puri from Surati Farsan Mart
        Double Happiness bowl at Coffee Cup Cafe
        Dutch apple pancake at Ricky's
        truffled popcorn at Blanca's (do they still have this on the app menu?)
        shio ramen at Yakyudori Ramen
        the chocolate cupcake that looks like a Hostess Ding Dong from Elizabethan Desserts
        berry buckle and any of the mini pies from Elizabethan Desserts
        chirashi bowl at Izakaya Sakura

        I'm still waiting for a real Jewish deli and good dim sum around here...

        Mama Testa
        1417 University Ave Ste A, San Diego, CA 92103

        Surati Farsan Mart
        9494 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92126

        Elizabethan Desserts
        155 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, CA

        Cavaillon Restaurant
        14701 Via Bettona, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127

        Coffee Cup
        1109 Wall St, La Jolla, CA 92037

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        1. re: daantaat

          daantaat, i checked Blanca's website and the popcorn is listed on the online menu. i think it's current/updated because the new chef's name is on there..

          1. re: daantaat

            Have you tried D.Z. Akins off the I-8 near San Diego State? It is, in my opinion, a great Jewish deli, and I grew up in Skokie, Illinois. I love the matzo ball soup and the potato knish and the rughlach cookies. They also have good potato latkes. It's crowded like mad on Sunday mornings, really all weekend.

            1. re: Myerslaue

              < Fake Name, fearing being caught in crossfire, dives for cover >

              1. re: Myerslaue

                I have been to D.Z. Akins and it was decent, at best. Not as awful as Milton's or Elijah's, but not anywhere as good as deli in LA or the now defunct Rascal House (RIP).

                1. re: daantaat

                  I'm still trying to figure out why the food shown on DZ Akin's commercial looks more appealing than what I have gotten when I ordered the same things, or why I never heard Ted Leitner yelling out "SCORE!!!" on any of my visits there.

                  1. re: daantaat

                    Did you try the tongue sandwich at Miltons? Besides the matzoh ball soup, it is the only thing I have had there. Where do you go in LA? Why is it that much better than what we have?


                    1. re: dbwave

                      I have not had the tongue sandwich. However, I had enough to know that I'd rather save my time, $$ and calories for better food in SD and better deli elsewhere. Our go to place is Brent's Deli in Northridge and Westlake Village. Fresh, cake-soft rye bread, corned beef that is not fatty but full of flavor, chopped liver salad that actually made me want to continue eating it b/c it wasn't overly mineral-y or liver-y, whitefish salad that was packed with fish and not too mayonnaise-y. Matzo ball soup as big as your head but still tender and soft. Cabbage soup with the right balance of sweet and savory (even better w/ a squirt of Sriracha). Tongue is soft, flavorful and not overly salted. What made me realize it was great deli was the first time I ordered corned beef hash and it came out lean, flavorful and not greasy or fatty like other corned beef hashes. Then everything else followed....

                      1. re: daantaat

                        How would you compare Brent's to Langer's.We normally go to Langer's for the legendary pastrami sandwiches but are always interested in new places.

                        1. re: honkman

                          Unfortunately, I have not been to Langer's and hear that it is the mecca of pastrami. What I can say is that Brent's has lean and regular pastrami. The lean is reasonably tender, peppery and flavorful w/ enough fat for flavor. Out of their deli meats, I like their pastrami, corned beef and tongue the best.

                          The best pastrami I've had was made by a catering company in the Valley. It was juicy, dripping w/ flavor and extremely tender! Reminded me of the descriptions of pastrami in "Save the Deli."

                        2. re: daantaat

                          Sounds amazing. I wish we had something comparable to Brent's here in San Diego. I have not a true "NY Style" deli experience, but I have never been disappointed at Miltons. Maybe my standards are low though!

                2. Carne Asada Burrito from Super Sergios on Convoy.

                  Super Sergio's
                  4125 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

                  1. OK, in all seriousness (and in no particular order):

                    * Platter of Three Terrines with House Made Pickles and Dijon Mustard @ AR Valentien:
                    Chicken Liver Pâté, Zucchini Pickles, Grain Mustard
                    Short Rib Terrine, Pickled Wax Beans, Tarragon Vinaigrette
                    Duck and Pistachio Pâté, Endive, Cumberland Sauce
                    * Cucina Urbana: Stuffed squash blossoms, burrata + prosciutto caprese, risotto carbonara
                    * Dobson's: Mussel Bisque en Croute
                    * Oceanaire: Crab Cakes. Best I have had outside of D.C.
                    * Cowboy Star: Bison
                    * Hacienda de Vega: Chicken Poblano Enchilada
                    * Church of Chino's (always drive out on quiet Sunday mornings): Corn, tomatoes, strawberries
                    * La V: Steak tartar (under heavy personal supervision) and Whaler
                    * Cheese Shop La Jolla: Warm pork loin sandwich with cilantro and melted jack.
                    * Wine Vault: Oysters on half shell with horseradish ice

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                    1. re: foodiechick

                      I went to Cucina Urbana last week and the risotto was grilled summer corn with guanciale and fried cilantro crisps. I would have paid them any amount of money to give me a vat of it and a spoon. And maybe wine to wash it down.

                      That dish made my food love list instantly.