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Jun 22, 2010 07:09 PM

Soju in Philadelphia?

Does anyone happen to know where I can get Soju, the korean liquor in Philadelphia. Not from a restaurant?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I found it in Atlanta by googling soju and distributor plus city- I called a couple of distributors who told me which stores to find it in. Good luck!

    1. There is only a single retailer permitted to sell liquor in Pennslvania--the PLCB. Have you asked them or at a state store? I think you are out of luck if they won't order it for you.

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        barryg is right, there's only retailer, the PLCB that will sell it to you. You can search their website for the specific product you're looking for to see if it's available at a retail store or as a "special order." It is almost certainly available, at least as a special order, if it's served in restaurants in the state, but they may require you to buy a case:

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          Great link, urbanfabric. Looks like they do carry three labels of Soju and the "Charmsoju" one is in stock on South St as well as several stores in North Philly and the Northeast. I didn't look outside of Phila County.

          Here's a link to the search:

          Barryg really needs to get back to work and off of chowhound.

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            Ah, this is a good resource - the alcohol finder.

            Also, check out the Japanese spelling 'shochu' for many more options.

            I'm a big fan of mugi shochu over ice with water.