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Jun 22, 2010 07:03 PM

Minneapolis loss = St. Paul gain

Thanks to Minneapolis's slow OK's for food cart vendors- those of us who work in dt St. Paul have been temporarily blessed. She Royal Coffee has been working towards clearance to operate in Minneapolis. I believe the latest hurdle has to do with previous walkway damage...
Anywho- they made an appearance on Livingston last Wednesday. Didn't have the opportunity to visit- but was told by co-workers (who knew I had sent out a group invite to go to Fasika that Friday to have Ethiopian) that they would be making an appearance on Friday in our neighborhood. We decided to skip Fasika and try the food cart.
Friday came and we took turns going outside to spot the cart- they never showed. A foodie co-worker (Dave) did some research and called them- we were told they would be there on Monday. Monday came and went. Dave called again- was told they had no plans to come on Monday. I was more than a bit irritated- I had gotten excited and then let down two work lunches in a row- and I LIVE for lunch...
Today Dave got a call from Sam (he who operates said food cart) letting us know he would be in our area. Dave was excited to try it- I vowed I would go with him but not order anything- principals and all that...but of course I stopped at the cash machine on the way out.
To split we ordered the Ethiopian Veggie Plate, The Ethiopian Steak Sandwich and 4 Sambusas. It came with an AMAZING green spicy sauce.
I loved everything. We sent out co-workers- they all loved it as well (seriously- not a single complaint- and we are quite diverse- Vietnamese, Latvian, Hungarian and your "average Minnesotan" of Scandinavian descent). So if you work in DT St. Paul try it out before they leave for their target market- Somali cab drivers in Minneapolis.
This is my first post- responded to maybe two comments previously- I'm sure I rambled- but have been an avid reader of you all (TDQ- giving you a special shout out). Please try if you can!

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  1. So we know what to look for, is this a truck or a sidewalk cart?

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      i've seen the sheroyal "truck"-- it's actually a food trailer (full-size trailer w windows, pulled by other vehicle). white in color.

    2. And WHERE in downtown St. Paul???

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      1. re: AnneInMpls

        They park wherever they can find a spot- when we went the were on Livingston by Harriet Island

      2. This sounds very intriguing! Thanks for the tip. I look forward to reading more of your posts, especially since you live for lunch (me too!). You must have a lot of great tips to share?


        1. Hooray - I found the She Royal food trailer! It's at Mears park today. I loved the sambusa and the veggie plate (red lentils and cabbage with 2 rolls of injera). Especially with the hot sauce. They offer the red hot sauce, which I found to be rather mild but very tasty, but ya gotta ask for the very hot green sauce. It was an excellent deal - $2 for two sambusas (I gave one to my co-worker) and $6 for a HUGE main dish (I have enough for lunch tomorrow).

          They say that they'll try to be at Mears Park every Thursday, in conjunction with the Chef Shack. On Tuesday, they try to be over by First Bank (I think).

          Thaks, Jaltstatt, for this excellent tip!

          Chef Shack
          No formal address, Minneapolis, MN

          1. Are they only around during the lunch hours? Are they tweeting their locations?