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Jun 22, 2010 06:47 PM

All-Clad now made in China?!?

Let me preface that I did do a search prior to starting this post, because frankly I couldn't believe my eyes. I do look at the country of origin prior to purchasing anything, and Made In China is not what I want to see. Made in the USA all the way for me, thank you. I was shopping for a griddle pan and remember seeing an All-Clad one a few months back. I found it, picked it up, and out of habit flipped it over and was shocked to see "Made In China" Since when??? All-Clad as I knew it has been made in Canonsburg, Pa for years.

What gives??

CH'ers who have sourced cookware Made in the USA please reply with brandnames.
Nordicware is already on my list but they are pretty much bakeware. I know of Lodge too but I am not looking for cast iron. I need a good griddle pan or fry pan.


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  1. Vollrath has some lines that are US made. Restaurant supply houses usually carry them.

    Since All-Clad has been French owned since 2004 and lids and utensils have been from China it doesn't surprise me.

    1. Only a small percentage of All-Clad cookware is made in China; the Emerilware plus most (if not all) of non-bonded items, like griddle pans and lids.

      If you pre-shop online, you'll find most of the sites selling All-Clad note the country of manufacture.

      You'll find some more specfics on their website: