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Monta Noodle House

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For all of the development along Spring Mountain through the years the one missing link has been Ramen. Not anymore. Monta Noodle House not only fills a need, but fills it well.

Monta sits a couple of doors down from Raku in a tiny storefront (the seating capacity sign says 26, but that would take a shoe horn), and the menu is also small, although there are daily specials added. But the levels of execution have been impressive on every visit so far, particularly the Tonkatsu Ramen, which brings a lot of pork flavor (you can sense all of the bones being simmered down), and fresh noodles. And even though the base stock is richer than many that we have tried, it is hard to resist adding a "spicy" soft boiled egg on top. It has also been hard to not stick to the ramen, but a "Pork Belly Bowl" could not be passed up; are there many better ways to flavor rice?

There is an impression that not many shortcuts are being taken here, which is a terrific sign, and the prices are also reasonable ($6.95 for the soups). The location might even be a subtle blessing - visitors to Raku will be sure to notice their existence, and Monta might even get some windfall from those that can not score a table at their distinguished neighbor.

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  1. Most of the ramen I've eaten in LV is the equivalent of if coffee houses served instant coffee. This is great news -- thanks!

    1. It's "Ton-kotsu Ramen," not "Tonkatsu Ramen.
      Kotsu means "bones" and katsu means "cutlet".

      Thanks for the report!

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        Thanks for the catch. Because the menu is small, I have yet to bring one home, so was just going from memory. My bad.

      2. I've become addicted to Monta ramen, having been there 5-6 times so far. They are awesome! Their tonkotsku is excellent, (i've been to Daikokuya in LA, and I think Monta is better, flavor-wise) but the thing that makes me VERY happy is the nitamago addition to the ramen- a marinated soft-boiled egg. (actually ranging between soft and hard boiled) I -crave- this so much!

        The chefs from Raku come over and hang out after their shift, all the time! Yes, this place is super-small, and it gets really packed at times.

        1. I live here and go there all the time. I usually get 2 orders to go with extra noodles. This gives me 4 meals at home. I take the left over soup and make it with new noodles the next day. They have the best, maybe the only ramen in town. I have been to that place on Twain and Swenson, a real hole, I don't know if it is still there.

          1. I gave Monta a try for dinner on Monday and it was really good. I had the tonkotsu and the broth was delicious. The chashu was also amazingly tender and flavorful. I had them add mustard greens which like everything else brought a surprising amount of flavor. I live in Los Angeles and think it's as good as any of the ramen houses here. Thanks for the recommendation!!

            1. I think I eat here more than any place in town. I finally had the pork belly bowl, and it was really good. I'll have to add it to my ramen now. I like both the tonkotsu and Miso. I asked the chef if they were going to take over the empty space next door, and he said they were thinking about it. Hope they do, it gets really crowded in there! Best place!!

              1. Following Dave Feldman’s suggestions, I tried Monta for ramen. Chowhound JanetofReno joined me.
                My experience with ramen is limited. There was a place near the Beverly Center in Los Angeles where I had some and liked it enough to return. The ramen at Monta is a whole other level of good. It’s not only the best ramen I’ve ever had, it’s the best Japanese food. My experience with Japanese food is that presentation is more important than flavor. That wasn’t the case here.
                We started with gyoza. These dumplings were tasty although maybe a tad too salty for me. Then our ramen soon arrived. I got the kontatsu with pork belly, green onions, egg and corn. The broth was tasty. A couple of different flavors going on. Quite savory. The noodles were perfect. Not overcooked and delicious. And all the toppings were good, too.
                Janet got miso soup and was quite happy with her choice. She noted it was thicker than my soup.
                It seems like a winner.
                When we got there at 7 p.m. there were a couple of open tables and most of the bar was empty. By the time we left just after 8 p.m., every seat was taken, we had to push through a half dozen people standing at the door waiting to eat and another couple of cars pulled up with people going there to eat. It seems quite popular. Most of the people inside appeared to be of Japanese descent.

                Monta Noodle House
                5030 Spring Mountain Rd Suite 6
                Las Vegas, NV 89146
                (702) 367-4600

                From left to right are the miso ramen, the kontatsu ramen and the gyoza.

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                  yes, I'll definitely be back. The menu and space is limited; its all about the noodles. I didn't find the gyoza too salty, but maybe a bit too oily. They were tasty however. Actually, you don't need anything other than the noodles; they were very filling. Both our broths were very flavorful, the eggs are perfectly cooked (just a little bit of runiness to the yolks) and the pork belly "add on" is to die for. There are a number of choices for "add ons" to the noodles (at a little extra for each): the pork is a must have. So are the eggs for that matter. We both got corn and green onions as well; perfect! A hours later I'm still stuffed. I think this is the perfect meal for the cold nights we've been having. Very reasonably priced.

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                    Excellent report- And as usual, a big +1 for Mr. Dave Feldman....IMHO, the CH expert of Las Vegas..kudos from a fan!!

                  2. We went to Monta Noodle House for Japanese Ramen. It's in Vegas Chinatown area, behind the Jack In the Box, in the Seoul Plaza.

                    They have good hours something like 11:30a-10p everyday.

                    I got:

                    Tonkotsu ramen $6.95 - it's a small bowl, 2 pcs fatty pork, small amount of noodles, some green onions, & the broth, no egg that's extra, no seaweed - that's extra. Still liked it.

                    B. got Miso Ramen $7.25 w/ extra bamboo shoots .50 + nori .75

                    Our total 15.45 + $1.25 tax = $16.70 before tip. Charged it.

                    Quick & fast dinner before our flight home.

                    1. Just a +1 in praise of Monta. I had the tonkotsu ramen with add-ons of pork, egg (my favorite), spring onions, and pickled mustard greens. Not sure I'd add the mustard greens next time -- the pickle flavor was a little too intense for the broth. It's by far the best ramen I've tried in LV, and I enjoyed the gyoza, too.

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                        Can't wait....there Sunday night for dinner!!