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Jun 22, 2010 06:40 PM

What food blogs do I HAVE to read?

Hello, Chow, it's been a while! I joined this site back in November with the intentions of becoming a very active poster. Then, the holidays took up all my time, work got hectic, and I had my June 5th wedding to plan, etc etc etc. I don't know where the time went!

Along with abandoning Chowhound, I stopped reading my two usual food blogs when the new year started: Smitten Kitchen and Orangette. SK is alive and well, and I have a wealth of new recipes to try. Orangette, however, seems to be updated only sporadically. I know Molly started her new pizza place, and I believe she's still writing for Bon Appetit - maybe she's just too busy? It's a shame; I miss her lyrical, lovely prose.

What other food blogs and sites do I need to be made aware of? What are your favorites? Please share, as my new husband and I would love to get inspired and break in our kitchen properly. :)

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  1. Serious Eats: Somewhat New York-centric but with interesting recipes.

    Homesick Texan: Great Tex-Mex and other recipes.

    The Paupered Chef: These guys are hardcore foodies; one of them also does a column for Serious Eats called Dinner Tonight.

    1. This might prove to be totally unhelpful, but, you've missed six months of SK recipes? You HAVE to try:

      Lamb Chops with Pistachio Tapenade (I made this the day after she posted them. Impeccable.)

      Lime Yogurt Cake with Blackberry Sauce:

      Ginger Fried Rice (I can't even explain how delicious this was):

      Mixed Citrus Salad with Feta and Mint:

      1. For baking, is "baking techniques, history and science" and he means it.

        David Lebovitz and David Leite, and are professional, intelligently written blogs, with attractive photos of great food, recipes and travel articles. for your inner vegan.

        From chowhound's own fun poster kattyeyes:

        Some of my other favorites have been mentioned in posts upthread.

        1. Choosing food blogs is a personal endeavor. How much time do you have to cook? How important are photos and page design? What kind of equipment do you have? How involved (time related) do you want to get with technique? Are you more interested in gawking than executing? Do you want a wide array of dishes on one site or a more precise point of view? How often do you need new information? Some bloggers are really good but don't post regularly. What do you like to eat? The desire to cook is usually directly related.

          All those questions aside, the blogs I follow most regularly are:

          Once you find some you like, look at their blogrolls. Chances (sometimes slight) are you'll find more of what you like.