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Jun 22, 2010 06:39 PM

Should I take my girl out to a Steakhouse on first date? Teens

Alright we're both 16 and I have the money to take her to a real expensive steakhouse [pls take this seriously, don't let the age get to you] {this has to be after school at 3-4 pm because I want to take her out to lunch and then dinner later on that day after we go bowling.

But are steakhouses appropriate for first time dates? [Steak houses can get quite loud. as I read If not please recommend an expensive alternative]

And as for the steak houses the only ones open at 3-4 pm are

Wolfgang's > nice decor but it's crowded so I don't know.

Del Frisco's > nice decor here also

I could try to ask her to leave school early and then maybe we can go to Dylan's Prime, the menu looks mouth watering or Porter House.

So help is appreciated, thanks.

ughh... strip house looked like a perfect place but their service recently is horrible from what I read and it would have been perfect if it had opened earlier than 5.

Would they allow two teenagers by themselves without adults, I mean as long as I pay and everything [I ask because they have bars in them and no we will not be ordering anything alcoholic]?

Del Frisco's
1221 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020

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  1. How much are you looking to spend per person after tax/tip? When/where are you going bowling? So your plan is to have steak as lunch around 3pm, then dinner at what time exactly? Where are you guys coming from? (Uptown? Brooklyn? Downtown?) Which neighborhood would you prefer to eat in? It's very sweet of you to post on Chowhound to find a nice restaurant for your first date, but what made you decide you want to spend that much $ on a first date? You should probably save your money, and look for a place that is amazing and fun instead of just crazy expensive. I was a 16 year old girl once, and I probably would have preferred the guy who planned a super fun first date rather than the guy who tried to take me to the most expensive restaurant. There are tons of amazing restaurants in Manhattan that are not outrageously expensive. Also, "real expensive" could mean different things to different people... are you talking over $50/pp? $75? $100? $150?

    What kind of cuisines does she like? What are her favorite foods? (e.g. Seafood? Shellfish? Steak? Noodles? Sushi? Burgers? Curry? Fried stuff? Ribs?) How sophisticated is her palate? (e.g. is she the kind of girl who would be ok at an Olive Garden or would she think that their pasta is crap?)

    What kind of girl is she? Is she more artsy/musical/bohemian/goth/fashionista/sporty/ academic/entrepreneurial etc.? Where does she want to go to college (this could potentially give an idea of what type of girl she is...)?

    Is ambiance more important, or the quality of food?

    Would love to help you out buddy. Just need more info.

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    1. re: Noodle fanatic

      First off, I want to take the time to *thank you* for taking your time to reply, means alot.

      Budget $200 total for both for lunch only

      Bowling right after lunch so around 4:30 at Leisure Time Bowl with an hour rental [$50 + $10 for shoes], so at around 5:30 we will be eating dinner at Leisure Time Bowl as I read that they have great food.

      Dinner at Leisure time should be around $50 for both as she will be full from lunch.

      And then I want to finish the night off by taking her to the Empire State Building Observatory Deck [$40]

      We're coming from Brooklyn like the Fort Greene Area, and we have access to the Q,B and many other trains from Atlantic Ave.

      What made you decide you want to spend so much on a first date? > Well, you see the thing is, this girl means the world to me. And also because I have intentions of making my first love my wife, and she is my first love so yeah...
      And first impression is always the best impression, and since I have money lying around [which I had to work for [yes i have a job] because my parents don't give me money]

      She's spanish [Dominican] she's going to college this summer while I have another year of high school left. Her major's Media Communications. She's a sporty little girl, fashion is crucial to her as she alwyas has make up on and she does her toes and nails and hair and etc... She's like a jumpy type girl, likes to have fun period. Very sweet voice + beautiful heart.
      And she just graduated [well she will graduate this thursday and I will be taking her out Friday] the high school I am at, so it's kind of likea graduation date.

      1. re: newestuser

        So you want to have lunch at normal lunchtime during the week?

        1. re: gutsofsteel

          I just read this article here

          and so I'm definitely taking her to a steak house ;


          yes between 3-4 pm

          1. re: newestuser

            Don't you have to be at Leisure Time at 4:30? I don't understand your timing. You cannot really have a nice lunch that only lasts an hour. And a big lunch ending at 4 and then dinner at 5:30?

            Maybe you should consider having a nice dinner at 5:30, skip bowling, and go to the Empire State Bldng after dinner. Bowling is not romantic.

            Wolfgangs is a very good steakhouse and it's quite close to the Empire State Bldg.

            1. re: newestuser

              I'm also a little confused.

              Perhaps a little bit of tea or a coffee break or a snack would be appropriate (surely you eat SOMETHING during your lunch break at school) before an activity like bowling (which like gutsofsteel I find really unromantic -- ew, rented shoes! -- not to mention SUPER awkward if I'm dressed up nicely in makeup, jewelry, heels and a dress already).

              A nice, three course, leisurely late lunch will definitely take longer than an hour and like gutsofsteel, it seems odd to me to do bowling immediately after (I'd want to perhaps take a long stroll to walk off the sleep-inducing effects of a meal at a steakhouse or sit somewhere).

              If it were me, I'd think the guy had no common sense following up a late steak lunch at a nice place with bowling and early dinner. Maybe that's just me.

              FWIW, I much prefer going to the observatory deck at the Top of the Rock because it's much newer than the Empire State Building and you can actually SEE the Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock. Dependent upon when you go, you could have some chocolates at La Maison du Chocolat or a dessert and non alcoholic punch or soda at the Bar Room at the Modern.

          2. re: newestuser

            seems like a lot of eating and things packed in. I definitely get the sense that you want this to be a special day/evening.. But consider that there might be a lot of pressure and time schedules.. Just relax and have fun..

            You are going to be all fancy for the steakhouse and then go bowling? She might not want to go bowling if she is all dressed?

            Maybe lose the bowling and go to a play? then steakhouse afterwards?

            Maybe start the date later..

            What do I know. i was doing not this with girls until my 20's.. So, dont listen to me actually..

            good luck brother.

            1. re: newestuser

              $200 for lunch is really *a lot* -- especially since no wine is involved. Have you considered a lighter lunch, a walk in the park (maybe the Highline) and a nice dinner? Seems like a nice dinner is way more romantic than a nice lunch. Plus, if I were a 16-year-old girl, I probably wouldn't want to have dinner at a bowling alley on a first date.

              I realize you have your vision for how you want things to go, and I can definitely respect that, but if the girl is really into you, you don't need to spend a lot of money on her (trust me). If she's not into you, spending a lot of money isn't going to change it (trust me again). Also, according to the article you linked to (which I think was mostly joking), going to a steakhouse on a first date says "you want to get laid." I would really think twice if that's the message you want to be sending.

              Alternatively, I would concentrate on having a nice time together and not rushing things -- give her the time to enjoy what you've arranged.

              Also, maybe consider some French or Italian places. Bar Breton might work, since it's not too far from the ESB.

              La Quenelle
              254 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10020

              1. re: newestuser

                What did you end up doing, as everyone was totally confused by your schedule!!!

                1. re: newestuser

                  I married my first love whom I met at 17, so don't give up, treat her right! :)

                  With that said, I think sugartoof's date plan below sounds great. I hope you took that advice!

              2. check out Macondo. you can have a few dishes there, go bowling (or whatever) and then dinner after. it is a fun place with a Latin background (read Spanish) and some creative dishes. if she was born in DR, order her a Guanabana Milkshake and she'll be yours forever! they open at five, so if you need to kill some time beforehand, have an arepa at Caracas and walk over to the De La Vega store. it's all within a few blocks walking.


                157 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

                1. newestuser - Are you guys actually going to be hungry enough at 3pm after school for a full blown steak meal? Hope you don't mind me, but I'm going to propose a new date itinerary inspired by your original idea of bowl+view+steak. This is coming from a girl who was 16 once (albeit well over a decade ago):

                  5:30pm - Bowling at 300 New York (at Chelsea Piers) - they have wings, sliders, etc. if you're starving for a snack
                  7:30pm - Take a leisurely stroll on Highline Park ( and watch the sun set
                  8:45pm - Romantic dinner at Cafe Cluny (Start with frisee lardon, yellowtail sashimi, indulge in the homemade parpadelle pasta, steak frites, or braised short ribs, then finish off with profiteroles or the caramelized banana trifle!


                  If you want to stick to your original itinerary, you should call ahead and check on the Leisure Time Bowl dining situation, because I don't remember them having a menu unless you're part of a large party that made advance reservations. Also, I'm pretty sure Leisure Time Bowl's food is not great. It might be edible for a bowling alley, but it's certainly not "great". I haven't eaten at 300 either, but I heard from friends that the food is slightly better than the catering at Leisure Time. Still not great, but ok for a bowling alley. On second thought, I strongly suggest you not take your first date to Leisure Time Bowl. Honestly, who wants to have a first date inside Port Authority?

                  I assume both of you are New Yorkers if you live in Fort Greene? I don't quite understand the whole Empire State Building thing, that to me is unromantic, because it seems so touristy... but if there's some special meaning for you 2, then I suppose go ahead. If you don't mind being touristy, you could also consider Top of the Rock (it might appeal to a girl who'll major in media communications?). I could see why it could be appealing at your age... (other posters please don't laugh - I'm only recommending the Rock because the original poster is only 16). If you'd like a view that is not as touristy, have you considered Brooklyn Bridge Park?

                  For your reference:
                  Leisure Time Bowl: Everyday after 8pm all guests must be age 21 and over.
                  300 New York: Guests 23 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian after 10pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

                  Cafe Cluny
                  284 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014

                  1. If what you mean is that you want to be at the bowling ally at 4:30, so then you can have a 1:30/2:00 pm lunch, take your time dining, and then stroll over to leisure time for an early afternoon of bowling, then I suggest Gotham Bar and Grill. It will make you look sophisticated and sexy, yet I think the menu is approachable and that the restaurant will make you feel welcomed there.

                    I definitely would not go to a steakhouse. As a single woman, I have been taken on quite a few dates to steakhouses and find it a complete turn off - the atmosphere is just too masculine for a date. It gives the impression that the man only is thinking about himself when he makes that choice, and not what the woman may like. Bad move. Think about what she wants when choosing the restaurant.

                    Gotham Bar and Grill
                    12 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003

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                    1. re: BaconBits

                      I've looked at many tables with a couple sitting awkwardly at steak houses and always assume, probably correctly, that these are first dates. A BAD spot for that, and a sign the guy is probably not worth a second date. Women do not want to let loose and eat a lot on a first date anyway, so why spend the $ on food instead of some ambiance? On a first date go for atmospheric, second for funk, third (nah, maybe fourth) for food. And by the third or fourth, be willing to spend the $, because there is payback just over the horizon.

                    2. Go big and go for the steakhouse. If you fall on your face, consider it a life lesson, but at least you'll eat good.

                      Here's my suggestion. Firstly, make sure she eats meat. You mentioned she's Latin, so there's a good chance, but you might want to make sure. Second, don't overplan the date or it's going to make her feel uncomfortable. She might not be comfortable with anything she perceives as too romantic, or like you're throwing money around showing off. Your intent is obviously to have an indulgent time, not to pose as a high roller, so just keep that in mind, and do things you would both find fun instead of creating a dream date out of a movie.

                      On to the food - make an early reservation for Strip House, and reverse your schedule so you go bowling in the afternoon at Bowlmor Lanes, before dinner. It's right around the corner. We can help you plan a stop for a light bite before going bowling if you think you'll be hungry after school. The early seating at Strip House will be a lot more casual, and less crowded. Make sure you order the richer sides so you can drift off into a food haze during awkward pauses, or talk about how great the goose fat potatoes are.

                      Don't rush Strip House (or any other steak dinner). Then personally I would skip the Empire State Building and stroll along the Highline, or the Brooklyn Bridge, or Brooklyn Promenade instead. Both locations will give you the pretty view, and offer you that romantic moment you're looking for without costing you money, or feeling forced. The idea should be to do things that allow you to connect through conversation. Being that this is a food site, I'll suggest you get ice cream/gelato for dessert on your walk. Then save the money to pay for a taxi back to drop her off.

                      Bowlmor Lanes
                      110 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

                      Strip House
                      13 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

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                      1. re: sugartoof

                        This is the winning response. Solid date plan! You're smoooth, sugartoof

                        1. re: sugartoof

                          > Then personally I would skip the Empire State Building and stroll along the Highline, or the Brooklyn Bridge, or Brooklyn Promenade instead.

                          ...and of course have a BACK UP PLAN in case it's raining! A ready dessert/ice cream/etc destination is a good call.

                          1. re: kathryn

                            I am dieing to know what the OP ended up doing. This is the most interesting thread in a while. Although if we all married the person we were infatuated with at 16 the divorce rate would be even higher than it already is.

                            1. re: princeofpork

                              Thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread! Would love to hear about how the date went as well!